Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Away (and The Natural Eclectic)

We are getting out of town for a few (restful) days of walks, antiquing, breathing sea air, and much needed R&R. I will be back Sunday and promise to post a few house things I've been thinking about.

On the subject of restful and wonderful, you must check out my *new* friend Heather's gracious new blog, The Natural Eclectic. Heather is the beautiful, gifted, accomplished, artist-photographer-writer-stylist-business woman-vintage find finder and traveller (aka modern Renaissance woman) I posted about back in April when I visited her unbelievable shop in Vancouver, "Heather Ross (in House)". You can read my gushing post here. I told Heather, and this is no exaggeration, that hers is the most beautiful and personally touching (resonant) shop I have ever visited.

Since then, Heather and I have struck up a lovely e-friendship and we have found that we have a surprising lot in common. It is so nice to find a kindred spirit who just happens to be officially Lovely & Amazing, with a store and a book project to prove it!

This weekend, Heather celebrates 10 years in her Vancouver business Heather Ross (in house). I would love to check out her new finds and paintings. I will be there in spirit, Heather!
Photo from "Heather Ross (in house)" website (background painting and vintage finds all found and styled by Heather)

You can find Heather:
At her shop: 1525 West 6th Ave. (half a block west of Granville)
At her website: Heather Ross In House
At her new blog: The Natural Eclectic

Good luck Heather, as you embark on your new book project, The Natural Eclectic™, and congratulations on 10 years of fabulous...


  1. Beautiful image. I remember when you posted on Heather's shop. It was like an art installation.

    Hope you enjoy your few days away!

  2. That is a wonderful photo. So glad that you have found a likeminded gal with whom you can share so much concerning art and style. I will certainly visit her blog, though I'll be much too shy to say a peep.

    Have a lovely time away! You certainly deserve some.

  3. Wonderful picture! Have a great day!

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  4. a lovely composition...have a wonderful break. donna

  5. Thanks Terri for your thoughts once again...& for introducing my work to fellow bloggers.This is a new medium for me, wish I could just say 'beam me up' and all my thoughts and images would just load onto the pages themselves : ) Glad everyone likes my photo. The painting in the background is one of mine, called 'The weight of water' Painting is so much more direct and hands on then all this computer stuff, I do hope you will try it sometime. Very liberating. Hope you are having a dreamy getaway.