Monday, July 11, 2011

Afternoon Tea!

If you've never done so, you really must treat yourself to afternoon tea at a grand old hotel.

Recently, David and I enjoyed a beautiful luncheon tea at The Fairmont Empress, a grand 104 year-old hotel on the harbour in Victoria, British Columbia.

Our late morning tea started in this beautiful room, with a comfy seat by the window:

Inside this grand old hotel (photo from my winter trip in February):

Our first delight was fresh strawberries with whipped cream...(sorry for the fuzzy focus...I was feeling a bit gauche taking pictures of my food, so rushing to photograph before the room was full of people!)

Tea was served in gorgeous china (Earl Gray for David and herbal for me, since I can't have caffeine), alongside champagne mimosas (which is how I would now prefer to start every day, darling...)

Five varieties of tiny sandwiches were served, alongside soft raisin scones (my favorite thing) with heavy whipped cream and strawberry jam:

Several darling dainty desserts were served on top. My favorite was the beautiful Battenburg checkerboard sponge cake (chocolate and white) wrapped in pink marzipan:
If you're ever in Victoria, you must visit the Empress!
And to heck with counting really must find an afternoon tea at a fine hotel near you!

Our getaway was wonderful and refreshing...more soon!


  1. Yummie! It looks wonderful! I have had tea at Fortnum and Masons in London and it was a great experience.
    xo Poppins

  2. No such thing, my dear, but I certainly have enjoyed seeing your tea at the Empress. What a delight. Did David enjoy it, too?

  3. What I wouldn't do for a mimosa and some marzipan right now!! That china is divine.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Tea at the Empress is one of life's beautiful experiences. I've done it twice, and I think we might have had the same table as you had - overlooking the harbour with the fireplace in the background.

    This post brought back some lovely memories. It sounds like it made a lovely memory for you as well.

  5. That's quite the teacup! I could go for all of that right now.

  6. Oh, how delicious! I had a high tea once in a hotel in - of all places - Cleveland, Ohio!

    The desserts looked amazing. That checkerboard cake!


  7. What a wonderful idea for the next time I'm taking a weekend away to Victoria.

  8. we had our honeymoon at the empress 34 years ago, the hotel was very different back then, best food in the restaurant in the basement, its been gone for years but I can still taste the salmon, first and only time I have wanted to ask for seconds...
    I gone for tea so many times since, never gets old... just do not tell them its your birthday, they make quite the fuss, lol

  9. It looks wonderful! What a delight.

    Silver MLM

  10. This looks like the perfect afternoon! It is so decadent and it's been a long time since I've had the opportunity to partake!

  11. Wow! Those pictures brought back so many great memories. We honeymooned in Victoria and went back for our 20th anniversary. We stayed at the Empress and The Tea was one of the highlights for us.

  12. The Empress looks wonderful and that tea - yummy! Afternoon Tea makes for a lovely treat.

    Btw, I'm so pleased to see that you have resolved your paint colour predicament Terri. The shade you have chosen is very smilar to the Mouse's Back of my doors here at the cottage. You chose well, it looks very elegant alongside your black door.