Monday, April 11, 2011

Vancouver: The Beautiful Mind of Heather Ross

Last week in Vancouver, I discovered a beautiful shop, called "Heather Ross [in house]". I think it is the loveliest, most serene, and inspiring shop I have visited in a very long time. Entering the shop was like waking up inside in a lovely, watery dream...
Heather is an artist in every sense of the word. Not only is she a trained textile artist, but she is also an accomplished photographer and painter. Every painting in her shop is her own exquisite creation.
Heather has a stylist's eye for composition (and has worked as a stylist and photographer-writer for magazines). The vignettes in her shop, created with her mostly-antique finds, are works of art on their own. I coveted everything I saw, but each object on its own seemed lost without the beautiful others (it almost seemed a shame to break up the compositions...)
The shop itself is a crisp white canvas, flooded with natural light, making the most of her rare and elegant finds, neatly composed in a restrained palette of whites and pastels, or rich earthen hues.
This little swan came home with me

The shop truly has the feeling of an underwater garden, inspired no doubt by Heather's upbringing on the coast and her love for all things natural, all things organic.
Heather's photography, displayed amongst her many interesting finds

This is the thinking decorator's dream shop. I could not extricate myself from its intelligent, captivating spell, and spent well over an hour talking to Heather about her art, her refined taste, and her serious accomplishment as a self-sustaining artist and business woman.
She also quietly mentioned an impending book project, which sent my heart aflutter...a book capturing all this beauty? I cannot wait! I will tell you about it as soon as I know more.


Heather's shop is both historical and fresh, rich with the patina of well-loved things, but also delightfully new in its juxtaposition of different eras and styles...pottery with silver, rustic with refined.

I noted her wonderful stylist's trick of grouping like objects with like, and using colour groupings, which gives her arrangements such gravity and presence.
I imagine she spends hours curating her shop, quietly moving things around to suit her exacting eye.
Everything seems to have a story to tell...
And if the things themselves aren't lovely enough, her paintings created a quiet perfect backdrop. I think her paintings could become an addiction all of their own...
I wish you could all visit Heather, who is such a beautiful person to match her beautiful mind!
She seems like a very old soul to me, someone who has cultivated beauty a long, long time...
(maybe even in lifetimes before the rest of us).

Next time you are in Vancouver, please visit Heather and say hello for me!

She is as captivating as her creations, so hopefully she will be "in house", perhaps painting in her atelier out back, when you pop in.
Heather Ross [in house]
1525 W. 6th Avenue
(just off Granville)


  1. I so love Heather and her work...will do just that, stop in and say hello...those are beautiful photos btw!!


  2. I'm sure that Heather enjoyed talking with someone who is so appreciative of her art. The swan is lovely and I can't wait to see where you place it in your own home. I enjoyed the little "jokes" in Heather's placement of treasures as in the antlers/horns by the picture of, what appears to be, the devil.

  3. You captured it all so beautifully with your description and your photos! She is certainly a talented woman. Thanks for introducing us to her.

  4. hi terri,

    your photos of the place are amazing. what a great find. also, i think your home has a watery feeling to it - so no wonder you are drawn to this shop.


  5. Really cool place. I could spend an entire day here. I'm glad to know that you're attracted to such a space. These types of places are were I try to analyze why each piece was placed where it is and I get almost overwhelmed with the genius of it all.

    There is something that feels familiar about this space vis-a-vis your home and I'm trying to get a handle on that. Interesting.

  6. Lovely shop gorgeous photos as well :}

  7. Terri,
    Your not kidding...this is one of the most unique atmosphere's I've seen in a shop in a very long time!
    So glad you made the discovery and took us along and it looks to be the perfect shopping experience for (us)migraine sufferers :)

  8. this shop is going on my bucket list...
    your pictures of her shop are wonderful.
    you have such a way with words, holds attention.
    lets talk soon...

  9. Dear Terri,
    Thank you so much for your lovely depictions of my boutique and all that I do. You truly captured the essence of what this space is all about. Your photos are gorgeous, you are clearly a talent yourself!
    It was such a pleasure to meet you. I look forward to following your posts..and a few others I have found on here. Thank you everyone for your generous comments
    My deepest gratitude~Heather

  10. Her store is as you say...a dream!

  11. What a beautiful shop! You have a great eye for capturing such lovely things. I featured your site today at

  12. Lovely post, and great photos. what a talent and artistic inspiration!
    wish you a great weekend and enjoy it!

  13. I must agree-- everything evokes a dreamy, ethereal quality. Thanks for sharing--you captured the essence of her shop with your photos!

  14. WHAT is NOT to love in that shop! WOW!