Monday, April 18, 2011

More Vancouver-Flavoured Love

Despite giving up coffee (including decaf) about six weeks ago (due to unrelenting migraines), I had to stop on my recent trip to Vancouver and have a small latte at JJ Bean. They make a mean cup of jet fuel. After Caffe Fantastico in Victoria, I think this is my favorite java joint. The west coast knows its coffee!
Before my short break, I visited a favorite store in Yaletown where I picked up two very pretty things. I will post about it soon...

Do you have a favorite west coast coffee spot?


  1. Love your blog!
    Just found Teeccino! Introduced to it by a friend. It is roasted, herbal 'coffee'. It sounds weird but I swear it is fantastic and available in many flavors. I found it online and at Whole Foods. It is available in bulk, like 'real' coffee for use in a coffeemaker and in 'tee' bags, just like tea. Great either way! THE perfect non-caffeine substitute! YUMMY

  2. My favorite is right here in Kansas City, The Roasterie!!

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  3. My favorite coffee place is Cafe Flora in San Francisco. It's pretty much a green house surrounded by lush greenery and it's always filled with interesting characters.

    Second favorite is Cafe Fannie, Alice Waters cafe in Berkeley, CA, where they serve cafe au lait in a bowl. It's also immediately next to her Acme Bakery so it's a dynamic duo.

  4. And is the no coffee working for you as regards migraines? This cup must've tasted like heaven.

  5. Yes I loved it I wait for season 2:-)


  6. Hello my friend. How are you? I wanted to say hi! So sorry I didn't visited you since a long time! This weekend I try to visit all my blog friends!
    I wish you a Happy Easter weekend!!