Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wedding: Lots of Details

With our wedding only 7.5 weeks away, there are still so many details to finalize.

Recently, Monsieur and I went shopping for suits.

David chose to wear black for our special day.  He wears navy and grey dress pants and suits for work, so he thought a black suit felt more special-occasion to him. I love the crisp formality of black.

David just turned 50, but he keeps himself in tip-top shape, so all the suits they showed us looked *amazing* on him, thanks to their lean European styling:

We also shopped for wedding rings.  We both wanted simple wedding rings that look good on their own, but I needed mine to sorta match my engagement ring.  Here I am trying on a platinum band with many small stones.  I don't want something that will snag on things, so we didn't buy this one, but I liked the fineness of it:

I also needed to find shoes.  I didn't buy these in the end, but almost.  I wanted something simple, classic, and elegant that will work with my lace dress, and be stable for walking around a garden all afternoon.  And I didn't want anything too cheesy or *bridal*:

We looked for, and found, the most amazing silk ribbon for our favours.  
They will be stunning!  I'll leave you guessing as to which colour we chose:

My event stylist wanted brown wooden chairs for our outdoor ceremony (I would have chosen white!), so I can't wait to see how these will look in the garden.  I was surprised they were so comfortable as they sure don't look it.  
(But I won't be sitting down - unless I faint!)

We admired, but did not buy, these cufflinks.  Monsieur chose another set, as his groom gift, that he can wear forever.  I would have chosen these, but what do I know?  He selected something much more interesting.

We also measured the veranda (and interior rooms) at the venue, to make sure all our set-up will fit.  The interior rooms are small and oddly-shaped, but we've figured out a way to accomodate our small reception party.

The veranda will be used for our champagne & wedding cake celebration, right after the ceremony (the reception is a bit later)!  We've rented some charming vintage furniture pieces, to create some lovely seating areas for this space, which has lovely views over the city and garden (this is also the back-up rain location for our ceremony)!:

And last but not least:

I had a makeup trial!  

Generally I don't wear a lot of makeup (I prefer the "no makeup" look - a little foundation, some lip gloss and a dash of mascara).  But I got the full smoky eye for these photos.  She applied the makeup very heavily, and these photos were taken after I got her to remove 75% of it and the false eyelashes!!!!

This seems like the right amount of makeup for wedding photos, but still felt unnaturally heavy to me:

I have soooo much I'd like to share but don't want to spoil any surprises!

I am very bad at keeping secrets, so it's a wonder I haven't shown you my wedding dress yet.

xo Terri


  1. Wow! So much going on. David looks great in his suit. I love the idea of simple, classic rings, shoes and cufflinks.

  2. I really enjoy reading about your wedding. This is going to be a wonderful day for both of you, can't wait to see your dress

  3. Can you believe all of the details...and I think it is wonderful to go just a bit glam for your wedding make-up, you will not regret it and the gorgeous photos will be forever momentos!

    The Arts by Karena

  4. Looking good, you two :) :) Cannot wait to see your wedding dress - all good things are worth waiting for!! Enjoy the weekend ahead. xo

  5. Terri you look gorgeous and your skin is flawless! Yay, I'm loving all of these details and am so excited for you and David.

  6. Hi Terri - How fun that the details are coming together. I have a diamond eternity band as my wedding ring an love it and will be eager to see what you chose. Your make-up is beautiful and it doesn't look too heavy. I'm the same way you are--very little make-up. It probably doesn't look as heavy as you think it does. Are you going to wear the false eyelashes on the big day! So fun!


  7. 1. Hope I look that good at 50! 2. Adore the favours-so unique and beautiful 3. You look amazing! I was disappointed by my wedding makeup-my hubby said my face looked unlike me with so much foundation caked on (I never normally wear foundation). I wish I had a more natural look, although you can't tell in my photos

  8. Beautiful! Looking forward to all the wedding photos!

  9. YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL! I think it's the perfect amount of makeup for your photos. But I want to see the false eyelashes photos, too.

    Everything is looking perfect. Love the idea of the brown chairs too. It's different but they'll also look great with those blush colors.

  10. I'm with Loi - can't wait to see your dress! I also think your make-up is very pretty. Your eyes will show up beautifully in your photos. So excited for you :)

  11. You look perfectly beautiful, Terri! Feeling very happy and excited for you!

  12. jeanne6:41 pm

    you will be a beautiful bride

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