Thursday, April 24, 2014

Wedding Details: Brass for Tablescapes

When my event stylist and I first started discussing wedding decor, we had to settle on a primary metal colour.

Since my wedding dress is ivory and has a vintage look, I decided that golden colours would be the best complement.  So we chose to use brass for our tablescapes!  

I was not yet a fan of brass, but after I started searching for pieces, I rapidly became an adoring fan of this warm, beautiful metal which is an alloy (blend) of copper and zinc.

Here are the first few pieces I got in March.  All but one are un-lacquered brass (my preference), and had amazing patina:

I've searched mainly in charity and thrift shops and got most of the pieces above for a song (99 cents to $3.99 each).  I did splurge for the etched Indian ones (with the white candles) at an antique store.  They were around $18 I think.

Here's a close up:

My next amazing find was this footed bowl, which was around $7.99 (from Value Village in Victoria).  I love its simple classical sophistication (which reminded me of the seashell in the Birth of Venus - yes, I have an overactive imagination):

We will use this on one of our Reception tables, full of garden roses and trailing foliage.

Another piece came from Etsy and will look great overflowing with flowers on a Reception table:

Then I made the mistake of leaving all my finds out on the dining room table.  

I came home one day only to discover that my cleaning lady had polished them all (she's  a saint, but I almost had a stroke as I hadn't planned to polish them!).  I had a really good laugh after I had a really good cry (well, almost...!)

I guess that helped us make the decision about patina vs. polish.  I think they're all still beautiful in their new shiny state:

I also found some amazing tiny vessels which we'll use to create vignettes, perhaps on the welcome table where our guest book will sit:
Cheap and dirty - how I like my vintage finds.  ;)

I've also started collecting crystal and cut glass salt and pepper shakers for the tables.  The two on the left were gifts in the last year or two.  The three on the right were new finds from a favorite thrift shop in Victoria:

Hope you like the finds.  And if you don't shop at thrift stores, you might be missing something charming which would love to come home with you!

Happy weekend...!


  1. Your table settings are going to be gorgeous, Terri! Lovely finds...looking forward to seeing more as the big day approaches!


  2. Oh yes, I love thrifting and estate sales as you know and finding unusual treasures!! Can't wait to see how you pull this all together it looks beautiful.

  3. You're inspiring me to dig out my brass pieces. I have quite a few of them from our years in Ecuador where the brass industry is strong in certain villages.
    I love the idea of the roses and trailing ivy in a brass bowl.

  4. That fluted bowl is so gorgeous. How wonderful to have it at your wedding and then in your home where it can remind you of your wonderful day. You are so smart to collect these for your tables!!

  5. I'm sure the cleaning lady story will be funny some day. I guess she's not an avid reader of design blogs. They'll still look great with the color palette of your flowers. The Venus bowl is gorgeous!

  6. Terri I am simply astounded, that shell like bowl is a fab as can be. I am so excited for you!

    The Arts by Karena

  7. totally love the brass, did not think of cleaning them, they look good, funny story about your cleaning lady ( I need one!) I look for interesting small brass bowls for holding jewellery and coins when I am at value village, totally love me an interesting thrift piece...x

  8. Google how to tarnish brass...I think vinegar will work ... Pick your least favourite piece and give it a go.

    1. Ronda, thanks for the tip. Someone mentioned it was possible to do a quick tarnish with a simple solution. Will try!!

  9. I am dying over that scalloped bowl! Your tables will have so much interest with the mismatched pieces. I hope you will share more photos of your special day than you think we can take. I am excited for you!

  10. I love your wedding day choices, Terri. I know this will be a beautiful event and I wish you every happiness leading up to it and ever after.

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