Saturday, May 03, 2014

Winter Garden, Sickness, Films, Etc.

This Weekend

This weekend, I am sick.

I have a sinus infection, which explains why I've had an unrelenting sore throat for a month and a half.  My throat was so sore and raw yesterday, I could hardly swallow.  And I had a cough and such bad laryngitis, I thought I was dying.  My head hurt so bad, so I went to a clinic and was diagnosed with a sinus infection, which explains everything (I thought it was just a persistent virus).

Since then I've been on strong antibiotics, which doesn't make me too happy because I worry about super bugs.

When I was not worrying about super bugs, I did spend some time today styling my new old table.  David and I picked this up a week ago at a thrift shop, and it fits a corner of the living room which isn't very pretty (sort of the area behind an armchair that was too vacant).

This spot gets great light, which the chair blocks, so I am thinking of removing the chair so this space can be used for pretty little compositions, like this one:

On Thursday after work, when I was beginning to get very sick and unwell, we went to our venue to discuss the menu with our chef.  

The chef meeting went so well.  We are super excited about the food at our wedding which will be the icing on the cake after a lovely ceremony.

We also walked around the gardens where we will be married, and it was interesting to see it in the barren cold light of spring:
I liked seeing the bones of the garden, without greenery.

While looking at our ceremony location, I came across this little Andy Goldsworthy moment, high up in a tree.  David and I will be married in front of this tree:  
I hope the cones are still there in June

It was also cool to see the view from our hilltop garden towards the city before everything gets too grown in:

I hope you are having a nice weekend.  I am going to lay down now.  

I am half way through watching "Tiny Furniture", the Lena Dunham film that reminds me very much of her series "Girls", which I love.  That girl is brilliant and the whole thing just feels like episodes from my 20's.  I swear I have been at the same parties...

xo Terri


  1. Sorry to read this. Hopefully, you're feeling better soon! The table arrangement is lovely, and the garden, even without the greenery, is so pretty.

  2. Oh, no. I'm sorry you're sick.

    This looks like a beautiful site for your wedding. It's going to be beautiful in June. Love the pine cone installation; it's like a cairn. And what a great view of the city!

    Hope you're feeling better soon!

  3. Dear Terri, so sorry you are not well but I absolutely love the vignette on your new table. That painting is beautiful, just my style, and you have one of my favorite candles there! Hope you make a full recovery soon!

  4. Oh, Terri, I'm so sorry to hear that you're sick. You poor thing!

    Your little vignette is perfect. I, too, love the painting - so serene.

    I love your wedding venue! I hope the pine cones are still there on your wedding day.

    Take good care of yourself. I hope you feel better soon.

  5. I hope you'll soon be feeling well again. Everything looks bare in the photos, but at least it didn't snow the day you went out. Will winter never end in your city?

  6. I hope you feel better soon. Your table is super cute.

  7. Feel better soon, Terri!! Lots of hot tea and soup! And thanks for sharing that lovely vignette - beautiful. xoxox

  8. Terri I am so glad you were finally diagnosed properly! I get a terrible sinus infection at least once a year.
    Everything else looks like it is coming along swimmingly!

    Soiree by Danielle Rollins Giveaway!

  9. Hi Terri! I really really hope you feel better soon! xoxo Congratulations! The wedding venue looks so lovely! <3 I really love that little painting also :0)

  10. Terri,
    I am so sad to hear you are battling a sinus infection. I hope that your are better and ready for a beautiful wedding and celebration of love. Thanks for always sharing such lovely images and interesting observations. Let us know if those sweet pine-cones are still there perched in that beautiful tree on your wedding day.

  11. The garden still holds some beauty even without the greenery. I wonder how this garden looks like with the trees and flowers blooming, and complete with the cones and shrubs in spring and summer. I bet that would be quite lovely. Have a beautiful day!

    Mitchell Knapp @ Scenic Landscaping

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