Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Rain in Maine

As promised, here's a post about my east coast trip (well, at least part of it).

I must admit, I was not in a documentary mood on our trip to Maine.  

I was too busy absorbing the views and savoring the rain and fog.  Living in a semi-arid climate means I truly lust for rain and soggy weather.  And Maine didn't disappoint!

After a day of shopping in Freeport, we headed up the coast.  Here's a view of charming Camden where we stopped for (a really, really good) supper:

The coast drive to Bar Harbor was stunning, but also exhausting in the pouring rain and traffic.  I was never so happy to get to our hotel, The Bayview Inn.  Here's a panoramic view from our room the next morning:
Yes, it really is morning.  Rain and more fog...

The first day, I was very excited to visit Cadillac Mountain, located on Mount Desert (pronounced dessert) Island in beautiful Acadia National Park.  It is the highest point on the Atlantic Coast and the first place to see the sunrise there, or so I've heard.  

Apparently the ocean views are fantastic:

I think I am looking in the right direction, but I don't see any ocean.  
Do you see an ocean?

I was a bit sad that the weather didn't cooperate.  We were cold and wet most of the time, but not unhappy.  I really like melancholy places.  And my new Maine sweatshirt kept me warm, if not fashionable.  

We did see a lot of very nice trees and rocks which reminded me of Canada's east coast and Cape Breton Island:  

(I did buy some wonderful Maine blueberry tea at the gift shop, so all was not lost). 

We visited the town of Bar Harbor the following day, where (quel surprise!) it also rained:

It continued to rain as we walked along the gorgeous Shore Path, which I enjoyed terribly well, except for wet feet and a cold nose.

Beatrix Farrand, the famous landscape architect who Loi (link below) just mentioned, was a major proponents for development of this lovely shore walk (a coastal trail about a mile, starting in downtown Bar Harbor):

The next day, we ventured all around Mount Desert Island a little more, ate lobster and had a grand old time.  I loved the many small inlets and harbors, although I forget where this one was:

Despite the rain, we adored Maine.  The coast is truly beautiful although the interior is just full of trees and looks precisely like eastern Canada, and the people talk really funny (just kidding...I think they thought we talked funny).  I fell in love with it and want to buy a house there and take up painting and lobster-eating full time.

If you want to see what it looks like on a sunny day, you can visit Loi Thai's gorgeous (as always) post here.  

And here's my advice:  Before you die, visit Maine.  Just make sure to book a room if you're visiting the coast.  And book lots and lots of extra time for stopping and staring at all the beautiful things.

Happy weekend!


  1. Really beautiful photos, Terri. The weather in Maine can be so totally different than it is just a few hours south. I recall taking a painting workshop near Camden in August and it rained for short time almost everyday. I, like you, love a good gray, misty day but I imagine it would be a pain when you're vacationing and wanting to see beautiful vistas. I can almost smell the humid pine air from here.

  2. It has been years since I have been to Maine. It was perfect and sunny when I was there. I don't think I would have such nice memories had the weather been as soggy as your visit. Glad you enjoyed yourself, though.

  3. Your photography! Wow. I'd like to visit Maine one day

  4. Hey, there, Terri!

    Love, love your moody photos!! Really atmospheric and beautiful. I also find the fog and misty air so romantic and mysterious.

    Did you have lobster everyday? :) I did!! Totally craving it now! And some blueberry pie. I loved all the Maine wild blueberry food: pie, crisp, scone, ice cream, pastry, etc. But I didn't try blueberry tea. Now I'm really curious.

    Thank you for the sharing the link to my post, Terri :) :)

    Have a fabulous weekend,

    1. I had lobster three or maybe 4 times and one GIANT piece of blueberry pie in Camden. YUM!

      The blueberry tea is amazing. I thought it was herbal but when I got home I realized it was black tea with blueberry flavor and theoretically I can't have it since I avoid caffeine due to my headaches. But I am drinking it anyway, on good days!

      xo T.

    2. Camden is so charming! We were there on July 4th, and watched fireworks over the harbor. It would've been fun to have met you in Maine. Next time!!!

  5. hi terri, visiting the new england states in the fall is on my bucket list for sure. your photos are stunning.

  6. Hello Terri,

    Like you, I like melancholy places and this looks quite so- most enchanting! You have written so beautifully about your visit, I feel I was almost there with you! I am now longing for a trip there and days of lobster and blueberries!


  7. And try to come in a better summer because this one has been the mouldering puds. So sorry that you were here in a perpetual fog bank. You were a mere thirty minutes away when you shopped in Freeport. Did you hear me ranting about the weather?

  8. Anonymous11:29 pm

    Hi Terri,

    What stunning clarity and perspective in your photos, they make me feel like I'm there which is almost as good as actually being there. Beautiful post on your trip. I'm with you on the atmosphere of melancholy places, it speaks volumes. Lobster eating and painting sound like a good aims in life, love that:) Elizabeth xo

  9. Beautiful photos, Terri. I keep saying I need to visit Maine ... between your photos and Loi's I am really craving a trip there. But the cold, wet weather wouldn't have appealed to me. We are having enough rain this season here at home! Thanks for sharing your photos with us. It looks like you had a wonderful trip.

  10. funny, after loi's post i began "i want to go to maine" thoughts. now after yours, i find myself saying "i NEED to go to maine!"
    i too enjoy an atmospheric environment, your images capture that essence

  11. just had to come back. after my comment i went to the next blog on my sidebar; verhext. you guessed it, the topic is maine! think i nee to book a flight!!

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