Friday, July 19, 2013

A Painting from Maine

In lieu of a proper blog post about my east coast trip (soon),
I wanted to share a beautiful painting we bought in Maine:
"Offshore Fog at Thrumcap" by Bryan Scott Whitehead

We purchased the painting at the Argosy Gallery in downtown Bar Harbor, Maine (there are two storefronts, in fact, the Argosy and Argosy II, a few short blocks away).  

The gallery has a stunning collection of paintings, mostly by local Maine artists, or by other American artists who come to Maine to paint its picturesque landscapes and seascapes.

The gallery is run by Amy Stapleton Sidman and her husband Charlie, who was so kind and generous, sharing information about his wife's beautifully curated collection and the various artists they represent.  

Here are a couple of photos from inside the Main Street shop:
The small painting I bought can be seen on the wall above 

You must visit the Argosy if you're ever in Bar Harbor.  Their collection is really quite extraordinary and each piece is so beautifully framed.  I coveted far too many!

But several that caught my eye were from Bryan Scott Whitehead, an Ohio-born artist who now resides in Poland but regularly visits and resides in Maine to paint.  

Check out his website here.

His painting of Thrumcap Island is a lovely addition to my collection (I have many other seascapes and landscapes).  Its quiet and loneliness really spoke to me.  

And it looks so good sitting on the sideboard, I don't want to hang it.


  1. That is a beauty and I love where you placed it. Something about a well-rendered painting of the sea adds such a peaceful beauty to a room.

    I look forward to hearing about your trip to Maine- such a lovely part of New England!

  2. I love taking home a beautiful souvenir as a reminder or a vacation. Very pretty and very you, that soft gray blue that you've added throughout the house. And, I agree, it's a perfect place for it.

  3. It is a very pleasant piece painted from such a unique perspective... one not usually used in painting. It certainly gives the sense of "island" with all its attendant calming colors and calming waters. I had to really look to see it on the wall and was very happy when I did. I'm afraid that shopping in such a gallery would have my head spinning with the possibilities. Did you know the minute that you saw it that it was going to be yours?

  4. It's a lovely little painting, Terri. I like how you have it layered against the mirror on the sideboard.

  5. I love the painting. You always seem to choose art that have real mood and feeling. Glad you had such a fun time in Maine.

  6. Gorgeous painting. I like the simplicity and unusual composition.

  7. Now I'm really sorry we didn't visit Bar Harbor!!! Beautiful atmospheric. This looks divine with your other seascapes.
    x Loi

  8. The painting is very serene and beautiful. And it looks great on your sideboard. The gallery looks awesome and I hope to visit it someday. Thanks for bringing it to our attention!

    ~ Becky

  9. YOu have such a great eye for art!
    Love it!

  10. What a lovely painting, a quiet and tranquil sea. Beautiful detailing on the frame too, Elizabeth xo

  11. That is charming, what a nice reminder of your travels.

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