Sunday, August 11, 2013

Temporary Measures

I've had a spot in my living room that has sorely needed a table for a long, looong time.  Every time we have guests over, it drives me mad not having a better place to sit drinks.

I waited and waited for a charming and affordable antique table, but nothing has appeared.  Then I stopped at a yard sale last week (the sign said Furniture, which sounded promising to me) and found this little butterscotch table:

While I'd prefer a good antique, the little pedestal table is the perfect size and scale and is exactly what I envisioned (minus the pedigree and perfect colour) for this spot. It even has little brass feet.  I think it'll be even more perfect when I paint it off-white...

And I love having another spot to create pretty little vignettes!

Have a happy week and sorry for my spotty blog posts (I've been savouring the cool and sunny summer here and I'm planning a very big event I will share soon).


  1. What a cute little table, Terri. I like the shape, and I like the color too. It's unique. Have you considered leaving it as is? I don't know what it looks like in the room, but it looks good next to the white chair. And the colors in the book cover blend beautifully with it. I like the feather in the white bowl also.

  2. I love the little brass feet and it certainly has a great form which is most important. I don't mind the color but suspect it looks pretty bad with your blues and grays.

  3. Gosh. That looks terrific. A happy find!

  4. That's a sweet table. And I noticed the book - La Tartine Gourmande. Love her blog.

  5. I love the lines of that little cutie. I agree that a coat of paint more suited to your palette is a good idea.

  6. Very charming! I love the shaped and lipped rim. Is it a tilt-top table? Good luck with your event.
    x Loi

  7. Hello Terri,

    What a darling table and true find. I love how things can just fall into our lap at the right time. That cookbook is one of my favorites....hope things are going well for you and yours.

  8. love it terri. I actually think you could get away with the color as is! donna

  9. Your table find is just lovely. A elegant shape and the colour is very warming! Elizabeth xo

  10. Hi Terri!

    When we least expect to find it, there it is- I love it and the color, too! Great find!

  11. Anonymous6:50 pm

    Hi Terri,
    Love it! Don't change a thing.

  12. I love it and also think you should leave the color. Everyone has off-white painted things. But butterscotch, it even sounds yummy and plays so well with your antique gold. I would urge you to live with it for awhile as is.

    ps- I am OBSESSED with your blog. Stumbled upon it this morning and cannot tear myself away. Thank you for all the beautiful images.