Friday, March 22, 2013

Such a Pretty Thing

Today I came across the most unusual bedding.

For a while I've been undecided on a new scheme for my guest room.  I finally decided to keep the walls blue (though perhaps a different shade) and I put up white curtains.

So I've been looking for bedding in blue and white...but something unconventional.

Today I came across this:

The pattern is called Bergius by Designers Guild.

I think it would make the most incredible wallpaper or curtains, but also pretty (and unusual) as bed linens:

To be honest, I think it's a bit loud for my small room, but I was pleased to see something that is a perfect blend of traditional, classical and romantic - in other words, a perfect summary of my tastes!

I am not sure whether I love it, or am afraid of it, but at least it got me thinking, which is more than I can say for most of the decor options I've seen lately.

I also fell in love with this little modern lamp, the Tiny Terri from Thomas O'Brien:

I don't think I've ever seen anything named Terri before and I think it's darling.  I might need a larger size though, for bedside tables.

Luckily it comes in Tiny, Regular, and Large Terri sizes.  I don't really think it works with the bedding, so one or the other (or both) may go.

I really think it's quite funny how dramatically my tastes swing over the course of a week.  My birthday party was all romantic and girly and now I am feeling a modern mood coming on...

Happy weekend!


  1. Actually, I kind of like the bedding and lamp together. And as for dramatic swings in taste, ha, I can easily relate to that!

  2. It's a lovely fabric and so unique that I can see why it would appeal. Gotta love a lamp that has your name. I'm pretty sure I'd stop twice for one named "wee vee." ☺

  3. terri, I love the fabric as bedding. I hope you go for it. donna

  4. I'm shocked you like this fabric. I wouldn't have chosen it for you. When you have a black and white room, I think it's always hard to integrate another color to soften it but this fabric would be the perfect way to tie together the introduction of soft blue accessories.

    I do love the lamp and find the name Thomas O'Brien on a large percentage of the lighting fixtures I like. (Ralph Lauren is the other name.) I think it's got your name all over it. :)

  5. Love the lamp, Terri. It's meant for you!

  6. I love this fabric. I find it funny that you like it. It seems so different from most of things you show us. Personal taste evolves and I think its great that you are open to new looks.

  7. I really need to visit this store! I think that fabric is great and would look pretty folded at the foot of a bed

    1. Cushy life in Kensington. Forgot to mention!!!

  8. Hmmmm, I'm not sure about the fabric. Such a large repeat......could be dramatic, though. The Terri lamp I love!! Am a huge fan of Thomas O'Brien!!

  9. Anonymous1:23 p.m.

    Hi Terri, Love the little lamp! I am finalizing on new bed linen for our bedroom and adore the existing blue/ivory toile that I had purchased at Chintz & Co. and their custom shop made a duvet, dust ruffle, pillows etc. However, after 12 years of washing, desperately needs replacing (I like cotton fabrics as easy to wash with a four-legged one on the bed!). Looked at many fabrics but keep coming back to a b/w toile - just love it and will sign off this week. So the saying 'buy only what you love' is true pour moi! Enjoy your Sunday, NB in Ontario

    1. Oh, I'd love to see your B&W toile. Yes, I agree, for those of us who are practical, choices need to last...!!!! I really have to be faithful to my core style, no matter what whims I have, as I tire easily and seem to come back to the classics. I don't think I'd ever choose the bedding I showed. I will probably stick with white haha.

  10. Love the bedding and love the lamp! I think the lamp goes - definitely! Thomas O'brien has the best light fixtures.

  11. Hi Terri,
    First time visiting your blog. I have to say I am not familiar with your style since I just discovered you but that bedding design is stunning. It looks like it was hand painted right on the fabric. It is also a perfect blend of classy elegance and slight whimsy. I like it for bedding but imagine as curtain panels they would be like a work of art framing your windows.
    Anyhow, happy to have found you! Now I have to browse through your prior posts!