Monday, April 01, 2013

A Serendipitous Update

So, my dining room's been feeling a bit tired with all its brown wood.

I love me some brown wood, but I will admit that I usually keep a white tablecloth on the table at all times to break it up a bit.

Yesterday, I came across these upholstered chairs at a local furniture store, on sale for a deep discount.  I decided to buy the pair to use as bedroom chairs.

But when I brought them in, I suddenly realized they might fit right here:

I've been planning to reupholster or perhaps slipcover the seats of my dining chairs for ages, but was waiting a divine intervention, you know, as I could not decide which direction to go with fabric/colours (as you can see below, most of the antique dining room chairs still have pink and turquoise striped seats).

The new chairs don't work perfectly with the set (perhaps it would be better if they had a camel back, say, like the wood chairs), but I like the way they look.  They are slightly overscale in width, but are actually the same height and depth as the original armchairs.

The rolled back relates to all the curves in the room:

I still haven't taken the chairs upstairs to the bedrooms to see if I like them better there (who knows where they will be in a week).  But if I leave them here, I will re-do the upholstery on the wood chairs to relate to the new linen chairs.

Oh, and by the way, they are super comfortable!  Sadly all my guests will have to fight over them...

In other news...

I'm starting a Colour Theory class at the university this week, for 10 weeks.

It's part of their Visual Design Certificate (I've already done several courses) and I can't wait to get started.  I just hope my headaches don't make an evening class unbearable!

Soon, Terri


  1. Terri,

    Love the new chairs. I think dining rooms often look "hard" when you've got all that wood furniture and there's no better way to soften things up with upholstered chairs flanking the ends of the table. These are perfect!

    I'm envious of your color theory class. I was supposed to take one last summer with the daughter of architect Walter Gropius (of Bauhaus fame). She'd given it in NYC the previous fall--written up in the NY Times--and it sold out in a matter of minutes. Unfortunately she cancelled at the last minute.

    I'm eager to hear what you think of the course. I've had quite a lot of color theory in my various art course and the more I learn about the color, the less I feel I know.

  2. I suppose color theory might bore some people to tears but I could listen forever. I am sure that you will be fascinated. Please tell us all about it.
    I like the chairs in your dining room.

  3. Hi, I love the chairs there. So lovely. I would keep them in your dinning room. Don't you love to swap your things? Love it!
    Exciting news about the class, I'll say a prayer for no headache interference.

  4. I love your new chairs, Terri, and I think they look wonderful in the dining room. Adds some lightness/softness and breaks up the wood look. Well done!

  5. Your new chairs look very well in your dining room. And comfortable besides. A colour theory class would be fascinating.

  6. Love these in the dining room!

  7. We just switched from wooden dining chairs to upholstered ones and I'm loving the softness with the table. I think yours look great and I vote to keep them there!

  8. I agree with everyone: love the new chairs in the dining room. They look soooooo comfortable!!! Enjoy your new class. Take lots of notes, and do share with us!

  9. PS - Are you going to scotch guard them?

  10. Terri, they are great. I like that they are different and they do look super comfortable.

  11. terri, I so want to add chairs like those to my all-wood dining room, too. yours are terrific.


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