Sunday, March 17, 2013

Birthday Pretties

Last week was my birthday and last weekend we celebrated with a small party!

(I really need a celebration in the wintery middle of March).

I had a really bad headache the day of the party and will admit that by the time the guests arrived, I would rather have laid on the sofa with an ice pack and a warm blanket than entertained guests.

But I forged ahead and made things look pretty while David cooked an amazing gourmet meal.

I bought a pretty mirror a short while ago, and although it's a bit small for the sideboard, I really liked the prettiness of it, which made the space look a bit like a lady's dressing table.  

There is a part of me that likes a very elegant feminine style and it's revealing itself now (as much as I sometimes strive for a more austere look):
I removed the long white runner from the sideboard.  It was so nice to see the lovely wood on the sideboard top, although it probably all seems too *brown* to some of you who are mixing in lighter woods.  

I love buying assorted flowers and putting them together in lively bouquets all around the house:
Eva Zeisel lidded bowl (left) and a very old Limoges bird plate (back)

The one great thing about having neutral walls and furniture is that I can add and subtract colours easily.  

A blue moment in the living room:
In the background, you can see the fun party banner I put up in the dining room

I like to keep the table very plain with white linens since I have a small living and dining space and don't want things to get too busy with all the girlish floweriness (hehe) going on:

Only one tiny arrangement for the table:
The flowers sit in an old crystal tabletop lighter I removed the top from...

The pretty sideboard mirror has a deep bevel.  It beautifully reflects the dining room chandelier:

David surprised me with two beautifully wrapped gifts (he is getting to know my favorite colour schemes):

I received lots of cards and money (lucky me!) - these two cards are from my aunt and darling mother.  The sweet little bone china fox is from David's mum: 

Here is the bounty the next morning - more cards and presents (a bottle of perfume on the left and a tiara, which is odd since I am not at all a princess):

I also got several decorating books, including "The Great Lady Decorators" from my sister-in-law and brother-in-law:

And this one from David:

Everyone gets a book list about two months before my birthday.  That way I get what I want and no one has to wonder what to buy me, although there are always some surprises thrown in.

Hope you have a lovely week...!


  1. I love that you celebrate your birthday so heartily. You really got some good birthday booty too. All the flowers are very pretty.

    Love your tiara!

    1. Yes, we are hardcore birthday people. ;D

  2. Happy belated birthday! I'm sorry to hear you were feeling so awful the day of the party. But it sounds as though you enjoyed yourself nevertheless. Did David wrap the gift himself? If so, he did a wonderful job.

  3. It all looks like a lovely celebration. The mirror is a great find. Happy Belated Birthday, Terri.

  4. I 'm so glad it was fun!

  5. Happy birthday, Terri! Looks like you had a nice time, despite not feeling well.

  6. Yes, happy birthday, Terri! What a gorgeous table and room. The photo where the chandelier is captured in the mirror is delightful. You speak of feminine as if it were a bad thing. Whatever you're doing, it's marvelous and all comes together in a very pleasing way. I, for one, love seeing the beautiful wood. I'm getting ready to paint some more wood pieces because I simply don't have beautiful wood, though I shall never paint the piano! Your gifts are all so fine. You're going to really enjoy the books I am sure, especially since you selected them. ☺

  7. Happy Birthday Terri! Your table looks lovely. So delicate, I too think simple is more elegant. So beautiful.

  8. Hi, Terri!!

    Happy belated birthday, my friend!!! What a beautiful way to celebrate. Look at all the flowers :) The house looked great. I love your new mirror....especially how the beveled glass follows the curve of the frame. Do show us a close up photo of the frame in the future. Enjoy your new books. I love getting books....never too many.

    Have a great week.
    Warm greetings,

  9. Happy birthday! The house looks so festive. Love that you channel the princess idea with the tiara. (I know you're not that way at all.) great books too!

  10. Oh my gosh Terri, we could be twins. I just celebrated mine on 2/22, love pretty things and am doing the neutral theme in our new abode so I can change out colors from time to time. What a lovely book David got you along with your other goodies. I, too, love beautiful wood, in fact, we just purchased a beautiful Duncan Phyfe table, with 7 chairs but I will be painting the chairs since we have "exotic" flooring and I think it would be too much wood. The chairs could be Swedish or french style, both of which I adore, and I just purchased a gold framed, beveled mirror from an antique store here that is closing its doors so the price was right. Happy belated birthday dear girl. Cheri

  11. So pretty! Especially loving your lr sofa with the blue and white bowl- nicely styled. Happy Birthday!

  12. Happy Birthday! So loving your new mirror and that little fox is so cute... So interesting, I put The Great Lady Decorators book on my list yesterday, great mines think alike I guess.
    So sorry you felt badly on your party day, I think of you often and hope each day that maybe today will be a pain free day for you, sorry I know it sound creepy or weird but I really do and I am one to share my true feelings. I will keep good thoughts and maybe just maybe someone up there will hear me, can't hurt to try. Anyway, Happy Birthday again, have the best week possible and let me know what you think of that book, I would like to know if it should stay on my list or not. (great idea, giving a list of books 2 monthes in advance, great idea)
    All my best, Carol Anne

  13. Happy belated Birthday Terri~your party pretties look lovely! ;)

  14. Happy belated birthday! I love to get books too.
    The table was really pretty in an understated way.
    Hope this is your year to start feeling better.

  15. Anonymous6:07 pm

    Happy belated birthday! Your table looks lovely.


  16. Happy belated Birthday! each and every arrangements look grand!