Wednesday, March 06, 2013

MRI Results (Good News)

Hello all,

Here is a quick post to update you on the findings of my MRI.

All the pituitary results were good!

Apparently my pituitary is being somewhat pushed aside by cerebrospinal fluid and they call it "partially fluid-filled sella".

The sella is a little bony bowl or saddle at the base of the brain that the pituitary sits in.

The little bony structure can fill with fluid, which pushes aside the little round pituitary gland.  Apparently mine is not normal, but is not in imminent danger, so no treatment is required.  

I was dreading a more serious problem, or surgery, but secretly hoping this was the answer to all my headache issues!

I will have to pay attention for symptoms in the coming years, if any develop, saying that the pituitary has become compromised (which it may or may not do, depending on whether or how this progresses).  I will also get more regular MRI's.

They were able to see all this on my so-called "Enhanced" MRI (they inject you with a dye and then take the pictures).  On the preceding MRI, it just looked like a big mass, which was the scary bit that I didn't want to think about for the past month! 

The other news is that the radiologist noticed some "spots" on my brain that he wasn't happy with and has requested I get a full-head MRI.  The MRI I had was only a slice of my head (for the pituitary, which sits in behind the eyes), so now they want to see the whole catastrophe.

I don't think it is anything to worry about but who knows.  Other than crushing headaches, terrible back pain and the desire to jump off a bridge most days, I feel perfectly fine.

So I will keep you posted if anything eventful arises on the next MRI. 

Lately, my Beastly Headache (which I have taken to calling it, since it is one long continual experience) has ranged from very bad to quite good in the past month, so I never know how each day or week will unfold.  

A reduced work schedule since January is helping.  With more days off, I become less exhausted and can now ice, medicate, stretch (for my myofascial pain), and sleep as needed, rather than only being able to tend to my pain properly on weekends.  I was simply unable to work any longer in pain 5 days a week.

I have also begun to face facts:  I cannot keep the pace of a normal person.  This sucks as I am a driven person with a racing internal engine.  However, I have had to adapt myself to my illness and have begun in the past year, reluctantly, to accept my limitations.  I have to pace myself, rest more, medicate more, and sleep a lot more.  

This leaves less time for fun and accomplishing things, like staying well-read, well-dressed and becoming independently wealthy as I'd planned.  Now I find myself with nothing to say, badly dressed, and listless from medications.  

I am, however, catching up on all the daytime television I missed in the past three decades. 

So in closing - thanks to all who have shown such sweet concern and caring.  Your thoughts and words have meant a great deal to me.  

xo Terri

(All photos from Pinterest. I was too lazy to track back to find the original attribution so if this photo is yours, thank you!)


  1. Thank goodness your pituitary is normal. I wonder what the "spots" on your brain are. How long do you have to wait for the full-head MRI?

    Wishing you the best. I'll be thinking of you.

  2. Independently wealthy... lol, I have met a few of those and they are not happy people... I think you are amazing without...
    So glad your news is good, good luck with your next test, I will be praying for you with good thoughts. I found your pinterest, nice, I followed you
    Hugs from me. x Carol Anne x

    1. Anonymous1:40 am

      Agree, I know a few independently wealthy older people who now regret their wasted youth in an office - enjoy your time, we are here for such a short time - trust me you do not want remembered as .........."oh her the well dressed one, what was her name"

  3. good news! happy that all is ok, but i know you wish it would signal a cure. boy, can i relate to what you said. ben is invalid. he works about 2 or 3 days a week on a good week. sometimes he's out 2 weeks at a time. it's horrible.

    we keep hearing about this medicine that is a cure - but they call it the dumb pill - do you know what i am talking about? it makes your brain work slower? do you take it. i can't think of the name of it. ben is too scared to try it.

  4. terri, so very happy that all was found well on the mri. keep pressing on for relief. with your positive attitude, I know you will find some solution. thoughts and prayers coming your way. donna

  5. such great news!!!

  6. Very good least for now. And we'll let you slide on the photo attribution.

  7. Good news about the MRI results. Not so good about the continuing headaches. I'm glad you are finding that more rest = better health. It's a hard thing to relinquish dreams because of health. Still hoping and praying that a solution for your pain will be found.

  8. Hooray for good news! Is the 'extra' cerebro-spinal fluid at too high a pressure? I assume they've already tested your spinal fluid pressure (with a spinal tap), but I'm sure things are done differently in Canada. Are the spots on your brain lesions, or did your doc say anything more specific?

    1. No but I've read about it. Have you had it done?? hugs, Terri

    2. No, I don't think the spots are lesions. I think they are T2 hyperintensities which is vascular damage. I was once told this can happen with chronic headaches...
      I will know more soon.

      Let me know if you have any info about the brain fluid pressure test.
      xo Terri

  9. Hello, I've been following your blog and it is so lovely. I've also been following the stories of your headaches. I don't suffer from headaches and can't imagine how difficult it is to live with. However, you did mention cerebrospinal fluid so I wanted to make a comment. My son had to have many spinal taps for treatment of leukemia (he is fine now). His doctors always warned me that if any of the cerebrospinal fluid leaked, it could cause a terrible headache. Maybe your doctors have already looked into this but I just wanted to mention.

    And thank you for keeping up with your beautiful blog.

  10. Anonymous6:01 pm

    Hello Terri from Ontario, This is wonderful news and you must keep positive as you move through this process as you have made such 'head-way' (sorry for the pun) recently. Rest and cuddle with your beautiful cat! NB

  11. Well, it is very good to hear that the results were not catastrophic. I am so sorry to hear that this chronic pain is still with you. Also, I think that you are rather nicely dressed in your photos and we all know that you home is lovely to look don't jump off a bridge, please.
    Still praying for you. :)

  12. Hello Terri,

    You are a true heroine with a sweet sense of humor despite your situation. I will keep thinking of you getting better and conquering your headaches and maintaining your well-dressed self. Your wealth is all around you in those that care about you. Cheri

  13. Terri, Just popping in to send well wishes and hugs. I hope that the doctors can continue to give you some insight into possible reasons for your headaches. xoxoTrina

  14. That's great news about the pituitary, Terri. Seems like they're making some progress toward a diagnosis. Keep us posted.

  15. Very happy to read this good news. I can see that without the detailed testing you're left with the "large mass" description that is so very scary. Praying for the next set of tests to go well, too, and still praying for the miracle answer for those migraines. Also glad that you are pacing yourself. I remember reading a Hollywood actor's comments once...wish I could remember who...he said that he felt so awful in his twenties that he would never have believed that he could feel well in his seventies. It's important to remember that better that one can feel much better at a later point in life than an earlier one.

    Beautiful photography, Terri, dreamy and romantic.

  16. Anonymous8:28 pm

    I only just learned of your health issues. I hope that further diagnostic testing will lead you to a great recovery. My daughter's best friend in college had issues with her pituitary gland. Her systems were different from yours. While I believe headaches were one of the symptoms, so was weight gain and gyn issues. She sought multiple sources of help and ultimately took her treatment at Duke University which treatment amounted to a form of chemo. Her pituitary as a result of the treatment was shrunk to its original size and her other symptoms have been greatly reduced. In the meantime, she has been well enough to spend a year in Africa as a missionary/teacher. All the best to you.

  17. So happy for you dear, I pray that with all the discoveries they can find a treatment and an end to your headaches so that you can be at peace. God bless,

  18. I'm happy for you that you had good results. I understand about chronic pain as I have a chronic illness with pain as part of it. I was a totally healthy person before this illness entered my life. I hope whatever is the cause of your headaches will be found soon, and that you will have a quick "fix" and recover completely. Best wishes.

  19. Anonymous6:34 am

    Bonjour Terri, I read your blog for a long time now and my perception is this: you have (finally) stopped the resistance and started to accept what the situation is, in this moment; and have taken a few steps to compose with your present, painful situation. I do not know if in Alberta they have pain specialists, but one big step is to find the maximum possible relief. Many small steps can make a big difference. Bravo for the shortened work week...I can relate to this since I made that same move a few years back and never regretted it for one minute. In my case, since I live alone, it was a big decision (I was quite insecure) but the rewards, the satisfaction to have put myself first, made a big big improvement in how I felt. I am controlling my life; work is not controlling it anymore.
    May I suggest meditation (zen method) to learn to "ride the wave" instead of fighting it.
    Louise, north of Montreal

  20. Hello, I am new to your blog and have been enjoying your posts very much. I've been going back through some past posts to 'get to know you' a bit. First, my belated condolences on the loss of your beautiful Biscuit. I too, think animals are just the best thing out there, and have loved every pet I've ever had and miss each one that has passed away to this day.

    A quick question for you: In this post, you show a mantle-top small bouquet of either pink roses or pink peonies surrounded with a very silvery-grey leaf. I am mesmerized by the color of the leaf. I'm quite an avid gardener, but cannot recall ever seeing one this perfect silvery color. Tell me, can you share what the plant is?

    Many thanks, Tracy B.