Monday, March 04, 2013

One Small Find

 This past weekend, David and I hit a few antique stores in and around Calgary.

I'm searching for a nice side table for my living room armchair, but of course, I cannot find a thing.  

I did, however, find a mighty little urn:
After I cleaned it up, it looked cheery and pristine.

On another note, the maker (Nova Scotian crystal) of this tiny clock (a Christmas gift from my mother) has gone out of business.  Such sad news.  They were the only crystal maker in Canada, located in a small city on the east coast. Their products were expensive but so beautiful.  I have a few coveted pieces.  You can read about the closing here.  Sadly, 43 people are losing their jobs in an already depressed economy.

In other news, during our antiquing adventure, I found a few more things that I didn't bring home!

I am coveting this Wedgwood Jasperware cobalt sugar bowl, but for $185, they can keep it (if you see one at a garage sale, or have one you don't want, please get it for me and I will pay you back). Only partly joking.  :}

I also fell for this Aynsley dinnerware set.  I just love the blues and pinks and the pattern, but it's a little too busy for my current aesthetic:

I also really liked these pretty dutch candlesticks, but left them at the store too!  I am thinking about going back for these...

Have a happy week.  

P. S.  I have no news on my recent repeat MRI (6 days ago) but expecting a call from my doctor soon.  I will keep you posted.


  1. What a pretty urn. I'm also really attracted to jasperware. I love the black but it's hard not to love this dark blue too. I'll keep my eyes open for you.

  2. $185!!? That is nuts, although I really love Jasperware. My great-grandmother collected it.

  3. I love your finds, yes antiques can be expensive. Good luck with finding what your looking for and I hope your mri brings good news.

  4. Great finds. The Jasparware is lovely, but oh, so pricey. I have one little heart shaped dish given to me long ago, for my high school graduation. I love the blue colour. Too bad about the crystal maker going out of business. It's sad to lose fine craftsmen to mass produced production.

  5. where in Calgary are there antique stores... I have not found any at all...
    Loving the vase you bought, it will look wonderful with tulips...
    Have a great week, Carol Anne

  6. Anonymous5:40 pm

    Thanks for taking us shopping with you! Love your choice. Keeping positive thoughts re your news, NB