Friday, November 30, 2012

The Time Has Come...

We're getting our tree tomorrow...

I always wait until December 1st so I can truly savour the season.

Tonight I started to listen to my favorite Christmas music.  

I love quiet choral music most.  I am currently listening to the Choir of King's College, Cambridge.

~ Happy December! ~


  1. Wonderful choice of music - this w always what my family listened to on Christmas Eve and Christmas day.

    We put the tree up last weekend as we are having my husband's company over for a holiday dinner tomorrow night, and we did not want to be messing with the tree and cleaning up and preparing the food! It h felt strange, though, having the tree up for a week in November.


  2. Your wreath is lovely. I agree with your thoughts about Christmas decorating. Today is the day in our home! Hung our wreath on the front door yesterday and did a tiny bit of decorating inside. Let the festivities begin!

  3. my favorite Christmas music as well! Have fun-sounds like a wonderful, cozy evening. We are at stage west today for a kids Christmas play =)

  4. Christmas is at my sister's house this year, so I won't be putting up a tree. There isn't anywhere within walking distance of my house that sells trees and I don't think the bus driver will let me on the bus with one! Some things are a challenge when you don't drive.

    I will be putting up a gorgeous indoor wreath and filling my rusted urns with paperwhites. And, of course, listening to all my favourite Christmas CDs. Ahhhhh, I love this time of year!

  5. Oh I love them and have several of their cds. Very sweet, some say "too sweet," though I don't think that's possible!

    An elegant wreath upon your door. ☺

  6. Hi, Terri - Have fun tree hunting! I've been playing Christmas music at the shop right after Thanksgiving. My favorite holiday cds: Loreena McKennitt, Yo Yo Ma, and Celtic ones. I look forward to this change each year. So festive!!

    1. Loi, I am a major fan of Yo Yo Ma and I have several Celtic Christmas CD's too. I love soothing and serene Christmas music and never tire of it til about March!!

  7. Today I got my tree too. I decorate my house but on the first Sat of Dec is when we go to the tree farm. I decorated my tree today. It's never fully Christmas until the real tree is up.
    Enjoy dear,

  8. Hi Terri,
    Have fun. I always enjoy picking out the tree, debating the merits of this one versus that one. We traditionally get the tree the weekend after my daughter's December 4th birthday. On Tuesday she turns 16. I am struggling to think of how the years have gone so fast.

  9. Totally not into it yet. It snowed today and it didn't help at all. I was offended actually.

    Hoping to catch the spirit soon.

  10. I was just listening to samples of your recommended music. It's really nice.