Thursday, April 19, 2012

Desk Love

While planning some changes for our home office, it occurred to me that a beautiful new desk would really hit the spot.  I seem to be stuck lately with various decor dilemmas and a sudden lack of interest in any particular style direction.

However, this lovely desk (by Suzanne Kasler for Hickory Chair) caught my eye the other day.  I love its 1940's French moderne lines, its clarity of style, perfect for a pared down traditional aesthetic.  

I decided that I want it!
Sadly (and exactly as expected), I discovered that the desk is over $5500, which exceeds my budget by a long shot. I was hoping it would be half that (or better yet, half that!) but I knew I was dreaming...

So now, I am left with this photograph to admire while I go back to the drawing board...(somehow the alternatives are all lacking)

I hope your decorating is going better than mine.  Happy weekend!


  1. It's got mid-Century/Hollywood Regency feel to me. Maybe a vintage dining room table would be an affordable alternative?

  2. Hi Terri! I can see why you love that desk: so stylish, chic, and classical. Baker Furniture might carry something similar(?). Are they near you? The Baker in Georgetown, DC has samples in their basement at really great prices...anywhere from 30% to 60% off.

    Have a great weekend, Loi

  3. i would scour flea markets and antique shops terri. you'll find one i swear! xo janet

  4. Oh I am so happy that my tastes are so unrefined. I'd be sunk otherwise. What about a sofa table as an option? I'd be happy with an old door on two saw horses and have thought of it often.

  5. I'm curious if a designer were to buy it what the direct price would be - or better yet, if you know someone who is a blogger/store owner who has a wholesale account w/the vendor? When I was at High Point last year I was shocked at how low the wholesale price tags were.

  6. we should talk, I might have a lead on an interesting new desk for you... we have a new company out of Ontario(solid wood, 9 stain options) that have a desk with interesting options, 2 sizes, 3 different tops, 3-4 different base/leg options... leave me an email and I will leave you my phone #...

  7. Anonymous8:10 pm

    What do you think of this desk?