Friday, April 20, 2012

To Paint or Not to Paint?

I cleared out the office a little this week so I could begin to see the space with fresh eyes.  I was growing tired of the blue walls (a rich blue called Scribe from General Paint) and was definitely going to repaint, but with less clutter, the blue looks so pretty again!
The old armchair (I have a pair...acquired when I was 19) sorely needs reupholstering...

I moved my lovely crystal column lamp (from RH) into the room.  The white shade adds airiness and the cylinder shape adds some structure and modernity to the old, curvy, dark dresser.  I also cleared off the bulletin board, which helped a lot! 

Here is the desk area (an old photo).  I definitely intend to have a new (tailored) skirt made for this table if I cannot find a desk I love:

I'm considering a grayer shade for the walls, to be combined with white drapes and lots of white accessories. I love Farrow & Ball's Manor House Gray and think I need a shade that is the same or perhaps even darker than the photo below:

I am so fond of these lamps from Crate and Barrel.  I think the tall one would be lovely on the desk.  The small one would be pretty on the dresser or on another table we have in the room.  Then I can move the RH lamp back to our bedroom!:
As you can see, I want to create a tranquil space (my typical decorating philosophy)...

I will share more as I make progress.  I am a slow decorator because I'm careful with my purchases and like to choose things which will be versatile and which will last.  I also get easily confused with my style (I have about 4 main styles I like) and need to ruminate and distill it all down to make sure it meets my deepest tastes, which I think this does. 

I also really need to buy an ergonomic chair for my bad back.  I hope to find one that is vaguely attractive, maybe in a light colored faux leather?!  Do you know of any good options?

Your thoughts are always appreciated...


  1. I can honestly say that blue is my favourite colour. However, I have never used it on the walls. I think your room looks just beautiful the way it is but if you really are determined for a change, perhaps a deeper, Georgian blue might be an alternative - or white, of course.

  2. I agree it's beautiful the way it is too but after seeing the inspiration photo, the gray is nice if you're really looking for a change. The gray would be really beautiful with the brown furniture -- my favorite combo. I kind of like that chair the way it is too. Is it leather/pleather?

    Serene spaces seem to be your signature style and you do them so well.

  3. I love the blue that you have but gray would be pretty too. You might like a complex color that changes noticeably with the light. I have a blue that, at times looks gray or lavender, in my bedroom. I am annoyed that I can't remember the name at the moment.
    I think a tailored skirt on your desk would look fantastic.

  4. I'm taking your clearing of the room as inspiration. I have that chore ahead...not one I look forward to.

    I so love that color on your walls now that I can't imagine your wishing to paint. However, I know that some people enjoy painting and a change.

    What about adding pillows in the new gray color or in the fabric for the new upholstery? Will you be doing your own upholstery? There are so many great videos for DIYers now. Whatever you do, I know that it will be lovely, Terri.

  5. Hmmm, tough decision. The blue is pretty, but so is that grey. I happen to love grey with brown wood. And I think those glass lamps would be perfect with grey walls and the wood dresser.

    I love that your style seems to be traditional with a bit of modern and some organic. I'm impressed that you take the time to think things through before buying.

  6. I do love the grey. it will look beautful. Can we talk bad back. Omg! My back, and now my elbow and shoulder and neck that I recently pulled. Yikes.
    Hope you find what your looking for. I"m sure you will. YOu have excellent taste.

  7. I am partial to the blue. I absolutely love the lamps and think they'd look fabulous in your room. The desk in the inspiration is awesome! Jen

  8. I think a deeper shade of gray would look great.

  9. ditto to many of the above comments. i think it is sheer perfection just as it is. love the contrast with the wood against the walls, stunning!

  10. Hi Terri - Oh, I love to repaint, especially for spring. It's such an easy way (once you've selected paint color :-) to freshen up any room. And, not too costly either. I love blue, but find gray more sophisticated in my house.

    Your study / office is charming....very serene. I'm still working on mine, but not making much progress as my new container from France just arrived this past Saturday.

    xoxo Loi

  11. I just discovered your blog, and it is so lovely. :)

  12. i think the blue is so pretty. i wish i had a blue house. i always had a blue bedroom but for some reason that stopped. i dont know why. blue is my favorite color.

  13. I love the picture of the cat!

  14. I love your office! I work from home as a writer and I must say my office leaves much to be desired. Thanks for the inspiration.

  15. Just saw your comment about the Ballard rug - it hasn't come yet. Will let you know what I think of it as soon as it gets here. If it's too busy in my entry I have a place for it in my bedroom.