Friday, April 06, 2012

The New Old Dresser

The new old dresser arrived from Victoria and we installed it in the upstairs office, in place of the old Ikea bookcase (good bye!).

I cleaned it with lemon oil (sorely needed) and we have yet to install the casters. I have just begun to declutter the office, so excuse our unstyled ethos:
I find the wee dresser very charming. It is well-loved and not in pristine shape by any means. It is thought to be from the 1920's, according to previous owners, but has no markings.

I will show you more once the office is transformed. I am keen to paint the walls as I've grown tired of the preppy blue. I am considering an antique white, with green drapes and a green velvet on the chair i.e. old world elegant (perhaps). I am also considering wallpaper, maybe a stripe or a damask pattern by Farrow & Ball. Suggestions are welcome, but keep in mind that I want to leverage the old-fashioned look from the dresser and chair.

Here are some gathered mementos. I love the vintage magnolia print (above) and nuthatch print (below). The small ceramic bird dish holds thumb tacks while the basket holds memory sticks and whatnots. The little business card is from Comer & Co., a favorite store in Washington DC. You must check it out if you go. You can read my post about it here.

I bought these "stamps" in 1991 in Paris, at the Louvre. I've been lugging them around for 20 years, so they are a little crumpled. I think I will frame them for the new space, at long last. I love all the images. I've visited the Louvre three times and have seen all these works. I love the Winged Victory most of is housed in a large and profoundly beautiful space:
Happy Easter to you!

xo Terri


  1. Wow it looks brand new and very expensive. I love it and love the bird print. You have wonderful taste.
    I saw your new picture on the side. How do you know Joni? She's from Cote de Texas right?

    FYI You know the word verification, I can never get it right. It's so difficult. I worry it might discourage people from commenting. Although I don't have that on my blog but no one bothers to comment on mine. I hate that. It's so frustrating. So I thank you when you comment dear.

  2. Gorgeous! What great taste!

  3. I didn't know I had word verification. I hate it too. I will try to turn it off. :)

  4. Love your new tall bureau! I've never used lemon oil...will have to keep that in mind. I always use a clear paste beeswax. That's what many of us dealers use. Does your bureau have a French polish? Maybe lemon oil is better for the French polish surface. I love the serpentine front of the bureau.

    I think antique white would be charming on the walls...and, you know how much I love green :-)

    I'm redoing my study, and it's coming together. Just got the reading chairs today :-)

    Thanks for sharing. Happy Easter! Loi

  5. The Nike of Samothrace is a favorite of mine as well....hope to one day see it in person! Love your new chest, and look forward to seeing the progress in that room.

  6. so love your new (old) bureau...the patina is amazing and from one of my favorite cities... just love the stamps, you are so lucky to have been to Paris ! 2o years moving them with you... I have postcards from a showing of Andy Warhol from at least 20 years ago that are still not framed funny how we just never get around to some things....
    ps your word verification thing is stopping me too

  7. That is a beautiful dresser, and I love the deep, rich, warm color of it. Looking forward to seeing this room after its transformation. Be sure to show some "before" photos!

  8. Sweet Terri, my Terri Star! You have the ability to make any space so inviting!

    Thank you SO much for watching the video and for your kind words. You are such a dear friend and mean so much. I wish I could give you a big hug in person!

    I hope you have a beautiful Easter~ Lots of love,

  9. terri your home is just so peaceful looking. even though you say it is a mess, it's the most calming mess i've ever seen. you have such a light yet thoughtful touch to your decorating. i love the chest! happy easter my friend.


    thrilled that you are turning off word verification!

  10. Your new old dresser is delightful. I really like the idea of framing those old stamps. The Winged Victory is one of my favourite memories of visiting the Louvre.

  11. Loved the curved front - the bureau is wonderful. I really like the height as well. And so are those stamps from Paris, they'll look wonderful framed.

  12. That dresser is beautiful and suits the space perfectly.

  13. Happy Easter cousin!!! I owe you a card!!! Miss you & sending love your way,

  14. Adding plants to interior puts life and soul to the surrounding.

  15. So sorry. I'm falling behind in my reading lately. Things have been crazy.

    This looks SO much nicer in your house than it looked in the photos from the store. It's a GREAT piece! I'd love to find something like that for my guest room.

    Also wanted to thank you for leaving a comment on the magazine's blog. I appreciate it!


  16. Terri - the dresser is beautiful! I love the curves - like a woman!!! It is so rich looking. So much better than anything from Ikea and I love Ikea, but this really hits home that older is better.