Sunday, August 14, 2011

Summer Party Preparation...

David and I hosted a little summer birthday party last weekend. My favorite part of parties is the anticipation and preparation (i.e. before the people come...I am an introvert you know!). I like making things pretty and yummy.

We made limoncello mousse for guests, with fresh mint from our garden (isn't that chic?):

I took out my antique salt and pepper shakers (with shiny new tops):

I deconstructed two bouquets of flowers and made many small vases for the room. I moved our beautiful landscape painting (background) so it is more IN the room and not on the periphery:

I liked the many small arrangements. It felt like a wedding! I used hot pink napkins to match the hot pink flowers we procured for the festivities:

I also took out my new (old) silver vase I bought in Victoria in July. It is square, with a beaded edge and rather odd for me as I generally prefer curvy things. It's hard to get a picture of because the photographer appears in the reflection. It is rather elegant:
The party was a success and with two glasses of wine, I became very talkative. Too bad there is a chill in the air, as I wish we had another summer party to plan...

In case you are wondering, I wore the turquoise dress, which was a hit!


  1. Your dessert looks divine!! And don't tell me there is a chill in the air, we are heading home on Tuesday from our summer at the cabin and I am dreading the chill already!

  2. There's a chill in the air, like, fall kind of chill? That's not right!

    That dessert looks amazing!

    I'm always better at a party after a few drinks too.

  3. Love that vase. No chill here. We head to the beach on Sunday for 2 weeks. Cannot wait! You still coming to DC? Smith hotel ready for you!

  4. I like preparing for parties best, too. About the time guests are to arrive, I think, "what was I thinking?" But then, it all works out.

    Lovely flowers everywhere. And that silver vase is just gorgeous.

  5. Oh that looks like a lovely party to have attended. I didn't know that one could get new tops for vintage shakers. Your unusually shaped vase is striking and I wouldn't mind at all if the photographer captured her own image as well.

  6. Everything looks so beautiful. So glad you wore the dress!

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  8. Oh I do fancy one of those yummy cocktails :) Hope you had a fantastic time. I love your new banner, tres chic!

  9. Wow! Terri, I so admire your patience with details. I really wish I had more of that in me. The glasses your desserts are in are very lovely. I have a thing for glass, I sometimes dream of having special cabinets built to display just such pieces.

  10. I just have to make one more comment for the simple reason that the new word verification is balosio and well, we ate really good Italian tonight in Fairbanks, Alaska which I just blogged about.

    Balosio just sounds so Italian. I believe it means food delicioso on the northern coast!

    Much love, a. xo