Wednesday, August 10, 2011

End of Summer Dresses (and a book to read)!

Who doesn't love a sale?!

Unlike the ever-lovely Janet, I usually don't post "what I wore" or "what I'm gonna wear" photos on my blog. But I had to make an exception. These two cute summer dresses, which I got for $20 each, had to be shared (excuse the fuzzy self-portraits).

I think I was Indian in a previous life, as I've always loved Indian-inspired tunics, nehru-collars and the like.

Dress #1 fit me perfectly but is a little short (for me) to wear with bare legs, so I got a pair of nice navy leggings (the good kind...$5 on sale!!) to go with it.

Dress #2 was only available in one size larger, so it's a little looser. It will look good with or without leggings. It has black in it, so I'll put it with black leggings for fall.

If you want one, stop by Zellers, but sadly there was only one size 6 and several size 14's at the store I visited and none left at another location!

And speaking of India, if you haven't read "Secret Daughter" yet, you really must. It is a beautiful, heart-breaking, and life affirming portrait of an adoption from the perspective of the disadvantaged Indian mother who gives up her child and the wealthy American who adopts her.
It is by far my favorite book of the year on my book club reading list...


  1. Love the turquoise! I think a little beehive would be smashing.

  2. Love the dresses. They look great. Love your blog!

  3. You were born to wear turquoise. Truly lovely outfits both.

    Oh you know that I get so curious about book reviews. If you say so, I'll look for it.

    (We shopped this evening and are just shaking our heads at our savings...$106. I have a pair of $50 pants for $9! Crazy.)

  4. oh terri you should post more photos of yourself and your dresses/clothes. you look absolutely beautiful!!!!!!!!

    i love the dresses and how you bring them to life. also, i always think that when i find a colorful dress or blouse with black in it too, is so exciting and rare.

    you are adorable.


  5. Both dresses are lovely. And they both look great on you.

    I'll add that book to my reading list.

  6. I LOVE those dresses Terri!!! Perhaps a regular new blog series is in store for you. ;)
    Thanks for the book recommendation, I'm just about finished with my current read.

  7. What pretty dresses -- I also am glad for the recommendation. Always love a good read!

  8. Looking awesome, T! Maybe you should travel to India with me. :)

  9. Very cute. I love bargains!

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