Friday, August 19, 2011

Serious Chair Love

If you've been reading this blog a while, you know I've been wanting to replace my living room furniture. I've been fixated on this Lee Industries sofa (3106) and finally sat in it...but I'll tell you more about that later!

In the meantime, I've been scouting for an interesting chair to go along with this (or similar) sofa. Calgary isn't exactly a design mecca for us (semi) traditionalists, so I've struggled to find good quality pieces with great lines (that make a nod to tradition), serious comfort, and that have beautiful fabric choices (I just can't afford to do COM on 2-3 new pieces!). I really need to go shopping in Atlanta...

But I've found a few:

Option A: I really like this Lee chair (1822), which I blogged about before. I've sat in this chair at three stores in Calgary, Vancouver and Victoria (thank heaven we travel!). I think it would go well with the sofa, with its similar lines.
It's a modern wing and sits soooo comfortably. I have a bad back and sit in the living room in the evenings to read, so I really like the very high back, with its perfect pitch. It has down seat (Haven fill), and the seat and arm heights are perfect. I also like the slightly larger scale seat, for curling up. I love the way this chair sits, and like its looks, but I don't LOVE the way it looks. I like a chair that sits up a little more, on taller legs. So my dilemma I get the chair that's most comfortable (at the best price), but not the most beautiful? Or do I find one that's better looking while still fairly comfy? Sounds like shopping for a husband...
Option B: I found this beauty recently, by Pearson, at my favorite furniture store (Maria Tomas). This one is covered in an exquisite Chilean wool, and down filled. I love the way it looks (elegant but approachable) and it sits soooo comfortably, like floating on a cloud. But it isn't as high and supportive at the back. It also costs ~2 to 2.5 times more than the Lee chair:
The seat is really generous (and still comfortable) if you remove the cushion - great for reading, sitting cross-legged, or curling up with a reading pillow or bolster. The back is high enough for comfort, but I can't rest my head back for a wee nap. I love the stitching details and find it very pretty and versatile:

Option C: I found this gorgeous chair (Milling Road European Club) by Baker at Eisenberg's. It sits really great and has a higher back. I like the clean lines and know David would like it. The Baker fabrics are gorgeous and the price point is about 2x the cost of the Lee chair (and the sales rep seemed flexible on price!).
It looks sooo beautiful in a neutral linen with nailheads, and would be very versatile. The little camel back would go great with the Lee sofa, but the arms are quite different:

Which chair do you like best to go with a new sofa? Maybe I need to buy two...


  1. I think this is one place where you need to consider what you NEED first. It seems the wing back is the only one that would offer good support for your head and neck. I actually like the form of that although I can see that it might be a little too animated for your taste. I can't see the legs in the photo. Would it be possible to have two different chairs that are treated the same to unite them?

    I always suffer through these decisions too so I can understand the difficulty.

  2. i love the last one. casters? omg i'm all in just for that detail alone. can't wait to see what you pick although it seems like i may be waiting awhile!


  3. It sounds like the choice A is what you're really wanting as far as the style/shape and it is gorgeous! Choice B is my favorite!!

  4. I like B best but comfort is huge. Oh, and I'd meet you in Atlanta if you decide to go shopping there!

  5. I just love Baker! That chair is gorgeous. Although I agree that there is something special about the Lee chair...

  6. Love this last one. With the nail heads. Beautiful. I like that it's a bit different than the others. Love it. It's going to look great.

  7. I like the last one best.

    I have a bad neck and so finding a chair that allows that part of the anatomy to "sit" comfortably is a priority. I'm short and so that adds to the difficulty, as many designers seem to have taller people in mind when they design (don't even ask about the "neck rests" of airline seats).

    For those that have not yet discovered them, polymer plastic furniture sliders really do allow one to move a piece of heavy furniture alone with ease.

    Happy furniture hunting and good luck!

  8. I like the leather one Terri. It looks comfortable and it will support your neck and back when reading. They are all very handsome chairs though.

    Good luck with your choice.


  9. As someone who has a bad back, and as a designer who specs Lee often, I would go with the Lee chair if it is indeed the most comfy and one that you would be using on a regular basis (versus an occassional chair) I have always found that Lee offers great value for dollar. Having said that, they are all very nice. Best of luck in the decision making process.

  10. Of course, you do need two. That's a given. Okay, what do I like best as if that matters a hill of beans...I like the look of the second with the comfort of the first. Knowing you, this means waiting until you find exactly what you want.

  11. My vote is a tie between the first and second. And yes, I would get two of them for sure. :)

  12. Hmmmm.... I think my vote is for the wing chair!!
    Miss u uncle cousin!!

  13. Since they are all very attractive and stylish, go for comfort because in the end that is all that is going to really matter to you.