Thursday, January 27, 2011

Light Fixtures In the Bedroom

I was going to title this post, "In the Bedroom: How Big is too big?" but I didn't want to attract a different kind of reader.

My question is just that, actually. But it pertains to light fixtures. How big a light fixture can I use in my guest bedroom?

Here is my little guest bedroom, with its pretty white notes, patterned drapes, and little neoclassical-ish tables (on the opposite wall, which you can't see, I have some little urns, b&w sketches and classical accessories on the shelves):
The overhead flush-mount fixture is not centered in the room (and I cut it off in this photo because it's ugly!). Rather it is located in the far left corner. The new fixture (a chandelier or lantern) will hang more or less over the left bedside table.

Since I have pedestrian 8 foot ceilings, there is not much vertical height for a tall fixture. The room is small too, so I don't want a too-large fixture to dominate the room's proportions.

There is 45" clearance between the table lamp and the ceiling (unless I hang the fixture low-ish over the table and remove the lamp...).

I really like this romantic fixture from J.Covington Home which is 10" diameter and 19" tall:
Because the fixture isn't "airy" I wonder if it will take up too much visual space and over-scale the little side tables? It also leans more to my feminine side than to the historical-slightly-more-masculine look I've been favoring lately. I also wanted bronze to relate to the table's knobs, rather than silver (although I do love silver).

I also like this mini-chandelier from Shades of Light, again a little more feminine:
It is silver too, and a little taller (22") and wider (13"). But it's nice and airy so it doesn't have as much visual weight. I like the elegant look for this room. I am also considering this fixture for my master bedroom which has rectilinear Mission furniture that could use some softening up.

Another option is a lantern, which keeps the lines a little cleaner. This little Rococo-inspired number is nice, although I am not crazy about shiny brass (and it's sold out!):

What think ye?

Any thoughts on scale and style for my bedroom fixture?


  1. I like the first or second one the best. The second one would/could allow you to have some little shades that might add to the romantic feel. It would also be a great balance to the drawing on the other side of the bed. I would hang it about that same height. Obviously the table lamp would have to go.

  2. hi terri,

    i don't care what anyone says, size does matter, esp when it comes to lighting. i like the first one but they are all nice. i know whatever you choose will be lovely.


  3. Well I'm certainly glad that you got all that cleared up, you funny gal! Okay, my eye went straight to the second fixture, which says one thing: it shouldn't be that one. ;>

  4. I like the first one, then the second. People up ceiling fans in 8 foot rooms and they hang down so I wouldn't worry so much about how far it comes down.

  5. Hi Terri - I like the second one best. The first one seems too small to me. Easy for me to say though, never having seen the fixture or room in person.

  6. I measured mine just to see what size it is, I like the scale of it over a double bed.
    12" diameter, 17" long, 27" from ceiling to bottom...
    I think the light and airy design of the second one on the post is nice but you will know when you find the right one, you heart will tell you. I truly believe lighting of any kind in a room are the earrings in the room, they must talk to your heart... Have fun looking until your heart skips a beat...

  7. hello miss terri,

    i like all three, but i think the second is my favourite... i also wonder if the room would be at all unbalanced by removing the one bedside lamp. and do either of you read much on that side of the bed?
    i wouldn't worry much about the ceiling height as i have seen chandeliers in shorter rooms before and they are lovely.

    i have seen the room before, and i think you have wonderful design sense. i am sure you will choose one that suits the room and you very well.

    m from victoria