Monday, January 31, 2011

The New Farrow & Ball colours

Farrow & Ball is releasing some new colours in February!

I always delight in the Farrow & Ball names and love their dense hues. I think Calluna is my new favorite. Or maybe Mizzle...

Farrow & Ball's last addition to the range was in 2008.

The new additions use the same intensity of colour Farrow & Ball is known for and, in keeping with time-honoured tradition, each colour tells a story with a distinctive name and inspiration.

Regrettably, I have not yet used Farrow & Ball paints in my own home, but I have bought many sample pots and have a list of favorites waiting for rooms. I copied their glorious "Skylight" (my favorite F&B colour) for my guest room but know that I am overdue to try the real thing. I've heard that once you switch to F&B you don't want to go back to other paint companies!

My laundry room is next on the "to paint" list and an F&B colour is in order. I have been dreaming about dark lovely Pigeon which my friend has in her shop. But the new Brassica looks interesting. It would be soooo crisp and fresh with white appliances and silver accents! Yum!

Have you tried Farrow & Ball paints, or is there a colour you love?


  1. I was in their showroom last week and they had the new sample cards but weren't giving them out till this week. What a tease!! I love Mizzle, especially the visual it brings. Kind of like today's weather!

  2. I'm so eager to try their paint and I love their wallpaper. I've tried to buy their Colour Book online a few times and their website crashes on me every time. I'm totally enchanted with their Arsenic color although I'm not sure where I would use it...inside a cupboard I suspect. Out of this group I like Mizzle and Plummet.

    Hope you're all shoveled out. Our snow starts today. Tomorrow will likely be a snow day.

  3. It'll be fun to see which one you choose. I've never used Farrow and Ball paints and now your commenter has me curious about their wallpaper.

  4. Hi Terri - F&B paint is high-quality and brushes on like, cream as you probably know. My favorite colors are Blue Green and Cornforth White. I've only used it on furniture though, not walls.

  5. Terri,
    We love Farrow & Ball paints. We've used them in every interior room we've completed (and even those that are awaiting renovation). I love the new formulations, especially the trim paint (which used to be oil). It's gorgeous paint, but it does dry very quickly--making it tricky to get really even coverage, on a ceiling for example. Still, the colours are so wonderful. Our kitchen cabinets, which will be installed later this month, are going to be hand painted rather than sprayed in F&B. Can't wait.

    On a side note, do you remember the photo of a kitchen you posted--saying it was your favorite kitchen reference photo (white marble island, leafy tree)? We're choosing stone for our island just now and I'm really curious about the edge treatment on that island that you love. Do you by any chance have that photo at a higher resolution or different angle? Sorry to be so vague. I'd be so grateful if you could help me.

  6. hi terri,

    i have never used the paint but the colors look gorgeous. please let us know all about it. go for something wild!


  7. Hi Terri. We have used Farrow and Ball in our current and last home on walls and furniture. I just love painting with it! It's a creamier texture as you may have noticed with your sample pots. Pale Powder and Light Blue are my absolute faves!

  8. oh, Love Farrow and Ball, have my livingroom painted with their 'old white' they truly have great colours.
    I am going to check out their new colours now....
    have a good weekend!

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