Saturday, January 22, 2011

Home Office Updates

Almost two years ago, I finally got around to "decorating" our home office. That meant a fresh coat of paint (blue), a nice linen skirt and glass top for our computer table and a few framed photos:
I painted the little dresser that came with the room (and added new knobs):
I also painted my old bookcase and added a soft wool rug from Ikea (which has held up beautifully):
I painted the built-ins white and started transferring photos into silver and wood frames for a consistent look. I covered two bulletin boards in linen so I'd have a place to collect paper ephemera:
We moved in our big wooden table, giving us a nice work surface and staging area for projects (and a place to hide boxes beneath). The basket is for electronics:
Since then, however, I'm afraid to say that nothing more has happened in this room! It is still tidy, but I never got around to adding curtains, reupholstering my old grey armchair, adding more storage, nor getting a new office chair.

I have a list of projects as long as my arm for 2011, but one of the main projects is to finish the office.

Window coverings are number one. I'm trying to decide if I should repaint the room white and use soft brown linen curtains, or leave it blue and do white curtains. I love these linen curtains from Restoration Hardware:
I also want to add some storage. Ideally I'd find an amazing antique cabinet, but my searches have left me empty-handed (for now). So I'm considering budget options.

I like this little Hemnes cabinet from Ikea, with its mix of open and closed storage. Don't you think the grey-brown cabinet would be nice with the white-wall-and-brown-curtain option? I do!:
The white version is nice too and would work with the blue-wall-and-white-curtain scheme. I would add interesting knobs.

I also like the all-glass version. I think two of these cabinets would be very nice side-by-side:
I also have four antique pressback chairs from my grandmother. I think one of these chairs (which are much darker than the photo below) might make a nice office chair:
Now, I'm on the hunt for light fixtures... you think I should leave the office blue and do white accents, or should I paint it white and do the soft browns that I love? The room faces south, so a nice white would be in its best light. Thoughts?


  1. I was just at Restoration Hardware looking at drapes today. Pottery Barn also has their Peyton drape that comes in a soft brown color (maybe oatmeal?) that's similar and maybe cheaper. Some of the RH ones are really expen$ive. Yikes! I think both options would look great. I really like that cabinet too. I'll have to take a look at those.

  2. The office is so pretty. Relax about what you haven't done.

  3. I think the answer is in your question: "the soft browns THAT I LOVE" and "a nice white would be in its best light." I think either scheme would be lovely, but it sounds like you are more attracted to and excited about the white with brown.

    I'll be looking forward to seeing what you decide to do with the room.

  4. Hi Terri - So nice that you have such a large office. The blue and white is very pretty and the brown/white color scheme would be great too. If you want to paint the room white, I say go for it. The RH drapes sometimes go on sale/special. Let us know what you decide!

  5. Terri, it looks so pretty as is but go with what your gut is telling you to do. Love those Ikea cabinets in the grey. My office is such a wreck you won't be seeing pics of it on the net. I'm dying to redo it but the roof leaks and drips thru the ceiling from time to time and so that project is on hold. I will live vicariously thru your neat space!! xoxo

  6. I say do what you really like, what you will feel really good in...
    if you heart says white walls and taupe drapery... do it
    your heart will sing just walking in the room
    (maybe the ceiling could be in blue...)
    Say, are we going to set a coffee get together date? I would love to meet you... let me know...

  7. hi terri,

    first i want to say that i love the light look to your house. it always looks so peaceful and just sparkly. i personally would paint it white and use pb linen drapes b/c they are much cheaper than rh. the the room would be neutral and then you could upholster the chair in a fabric that brings the rest of the house into the room. whatever you do i know it will be fantastic.


  8. Love a good office space....and your's is lovely!

  9. I think you should leave it as is and get the linen curtains. If they seem too plain, consider a decortive trim. I think a chair with casters to roll between the desk and table will make you most happy in the long run.

    I stalled out on my office too last this clean,calm space is looking good to me!

  10. Hi Terri!

    Wow, I love all the soft blue! But at the same time I really love the white! The cabinets are lovely and I think they would do nicely in your home :) I guess the hard part is just being able to choose one!

    I love the tidiness and calmness and not to mention Biscuit, he is so cute!

    Take it easy tho and take care of yourself! I hope your headaches are a little better?!

    All the best!

    Hugs, Susanne

  11. So beautiful! wonderful!

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