Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hello, Pretty Things!

I recently picked up three pretty china plates at an antique store.  The plates are Haviland Limoges, and were issued in the 1970's as part a collection called Theatre des Saisons.

The designs are over one hundred years old and were held in archives until released by Haviland.

My favorite plate at the shop was "Automne", but I was easily convinced to buy all three!  The plates were deemed by the shopkeeper to be original and were beautifully packaged in their original boxes.

Automne features a pair of pheasants and a fading sunshine.  I love this quiet gentle design:
The plates are hand-painted.  My second favorite plate is "Ete" or Summer, featuring ducks and grasses at waterside, with a blazing summer sun:
The "Hiver" or Winter plate is also lovely and has an Asian feel.  It features cranes and freshly fallen snow:
I plan to hang these on the wall in my dining room and will post a photo once they're up.  I'd love to have the "Printemps" springtime plate.  Prices for these plates are all over the map on the internet, ranging from $14 for a knockoff to $88 each for the real thing.

What I love most about many Limoges plates I've seen are the dainty hand-painted designs and the delicate edges - they often feature scalloped edges, which I really adore.  They are just so pretty...there is no other word!

I hope you are enjoying your springtime.  I am so busy at work and seem to be very tired when I get home most evenings!  Together with trying to exercise, keeping up with my book club, and tackling various spring cleaning projects, it seems I've had little time to blog or read blogs.  I seem to have had no end of appointments and evening events these days.  

And when my plate is clear, my mind seems elsewhere these days...with dreams of gardening and yard work in my head.  I promise to come back soon once the novelty (and busyness) of springtime has worn off!


  1. lovely plates...the first one is my fav...enjoy your spring with no guilt...we'll wait for you!

  2. Does the novelty of spring ever wear off? I love your plates and I'm sure they are going to look great in your dining room. You choose things with such care and tenderness.


  3. You have such a lovely blog! I am so happy that I found you tonight. Limoges is a great love of mine. I can usually spot it an isle away when I am antiquing! Beautiful, beautiful plates. I can't wailt to see how they look hanging in your dining room. I was surprised to see that we both have something in our posts today that are the same... they tweet!
    So nice to visit.

  4. These plates are gorgeous! They will be perfect in your dining room!

  5. Those plates are fabulous Terri! I've had the bug to go thrifting lately and I would love to find some limoges plates. I recently overheard a woman finding a bunch of limoges plates in one of our large thrift stores in town, but she snatched them all up.

    I visited the most incredible store in Houston yesterday and was so mad that we didn't go when you were in town. Great stuff, good prices and the owner was a total sweetheart...I'll post about it soon.

  6. Beautiful plates and I do hope that you find springtime to complete your set. They'll be lovely on the dining room wall. Don't worry about blogging or Blogdom in springtime. We'll imagine you having great fun and accomplishing much!

  7. What beautiful new treasures...I love any pattern with birds. They always bring instant smiles. xoTrina

  8. Your plates are beautiful Terri. I have a weakness for anything with birds on it!
    I look forward to seeing them installed.

    It seems like many of us bloggers are having a hard time keeping up with everything! It's hard to do it all, especially when the weather starts getting warmer and luring us to garden etc... You work so hard! I hope you are taking some time for yourself.


  9. Those are absolutely beautiful!!! I love the delicate lines, too.

  10. Hello, indeed. I, too, am a sucker for china with birds as the decoration. I was devastated the day that Portmerion discontinued the Birds of Britain pattern. Thank goodness for ebay and replacements when I need a "fix". Enjoy the spring and try to be in the moment. It is almost finished down here in ol' virginny.

  11. Is this what you are looking for?


  12. You're right, there's no better word for them; these plates are just SO pretty! And now your husband has a fail-proof gift idea for you! That one plate.... :)

  13. Hi Terri :)

    Lovely plates! I hope that you get to take it easy sometimes too tho!

    Hugs, Susanne

  14. What a great find Terri - these are beautiful! I love that your in a book club! I've been wanting to attend one for a while. But like you said, my mind goes elsewhere. :-) Enjoy gardening and spring joys! I'm happy to hear you make the time for the things you love most.

    lots of love,

  15. Gorgeous plates. A pity it didn't come with 'spring' as well. Groups of 3 plates look pretty though.