Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sofa Love

I rarely show photos of my living room sofa (above) and armchair (below) because I am not totally smitten with them any more.  I bought these two Natuzzi pieces in late 2004 for my rather contemporary condo.  I liked their Zen-like colour (I was into meditation and yoga then...) and plain styling.  I was on the right track, I think, but I had been out of the decorating world for years at that point, and just bought something I liked that I thought would not date too quickly.
I still love the colour and I always admire it. It is a lovely soft colour in most light, and it works beautifully with my preferred colour palette of creams and white, brown and blue.  But I don't care for the styling (large arms) and the faux suede drives me bonkers!  It constantly needs to be vacuumed, especially with a cat in the house:   
The chair is a recliner and is very comfortable with its high back.  I sit here often, reading big decor books.  The sofa also has a nice wide, comfortable seat.  On the sofa, I like the tight back and tight seat cushions, that look like individual, but are not.  This is a nice neat look, if it didn't need vacuumed every two days!  If I were blind, I would still love this furniture...

So I've decided to move these pieces to our family room (eventually) which needs serious TLC (think dark panelling, lots of bookshelves, and a dated fireplace).  Currently, that room has David's 20-year old furniture, which is comfortable but O L D...

  I have been collecting sofa ideas for the living room.  I will wait until I find what I love, but hate waiting to replace the family room furniture.  But I can't justify buying new pieces for both rooms, so will wait until I have new living room furniture to do over the family room.

Here are some sofa styles I love.  For the most part, they have a tight back and a bench seat (one cushion) in common.  I like traditional, with clean lines, and like a slightly curved (camel) back, and old-fashioned legs.

This is a favorite sofa, without the curved back:

I love this French/Gustavian settee and chair.  I want both, but they don't look terribly comfortable:
Decor by Elizabeth Hague

We do a lot of reading and listening to music in the living room, so furniture has to be comfortable and approachable!  We also entertain a fair amount here, and I like comfortable conversation...

This sofa looks comfy and fits the bill, but is perhaps slightly too sleek.  I like the small arms that keep it from looking dated:

This is a favorite sofa.  I love the lines, the arms, the curved and curled back...if only it had a bench seat:

Another sofa I love, but I am not crazy about the slipcovered look:

I have found a few sofas I like from Lee Industries.  I am impressed by their committment to the environment, and that they make such great traditional-looking pieces.  This sofa is almost perfect, but a little too "lean":
I also love these tufted beauties with their old-fashioned turned legs:  
And this armchair would be perfect to go along with the sofa.  I love the colour:
I am also very fond of this loveseat and would like a sofa in this style:

This one is also close-to-perfect:
If you know of other manufacturers who make old-world sofas that are both comfortable and beautiful, and fit my criteria, please let me know!


  1. wonderful choices. I like the legs and long seat cushion of the first one. I know it is so hard to wait, but you WILL find one with all your requirements. If you are like me, you will want to test out your choice before buying. that's the hard thing about ordering without the luxury of 'test driving.'
    Best wishes on finding the perfect one...

  2. The thought you put into a purchase is extraordinary. With that kind of attention to detail, you can not go wrong.

  3. Hi Terri!

    I would definitely go for something like the one from Traditional Homes. I love the sleekness about it, it's simple elegance and the way it is definitely THERE but at the same time so eloquent. Best of luck finding your perfect couch!

    Hope that all is well with you!

    Hugs, Susanne

  4. Wow -- these are lovely options. So nice to shop vicariously through you! :). Looking forward to finding out what feedback you receive and what you end up with. And, for what it's worth, I think your LR furniture is quite nice (very calming).

  5. Hi Terri - That green sofa, second to last photo, in velvet is gorgeous! Love the Gustavian style sofa too but, you're right. It doesn't look too comfortable. I have an apartment sized sofa (slip covered) from Crate & Barrel with the two individual seat cushions. Never again! Wish I'd gone with the bench seat, one cushion as you described. You really have a great eye for picking out such great sofas! It will be fun to see what you choose when the time comes.

  6. Hi Terri,

    I have to say that your living room is just beautiful. I love the colors you've chosen. I love the roses on the beautiful coffee table. It looks like an "after" picture not a "before" picture. All the sofa's you are considering are beyond gorgeous. I really loved the one with the caster feet. But I'm sure you will pick the perfect one. The room is gorgeous "as is!"


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  8. Left a word out!....
    Oh I am sorry but I just can't get past the image of your gorgeous cat... all fluffy, taking control of the room... sitting on it's throne! Gorgeous... can't you tell I would LOVE a cat but move around too much. Love your ideas.. you will find will find the exact one as you know what you want! Love your colour scheme.. so serene and calming, no wonder pussy cat looks so content! A-M xx

  9. What a nice surprise to see a photo from my work at Eliz. Hague. You're right - they're not comfy but sure are gorgeous. Charles Stewart in Hickory has a great line - not sure if you can access them from Canada but check out their website. They are our main source for upholstered pieces. Check out their contemporary line. Hope you're well - I've gotten immersed in house geneaology!!!

  10. Your family room is beautiful as is, especially with sweet Biscuit striking a pose! I love the idea of the bench seat with one cushion and the detailed legs. All of your inspiration pics are's a toughie but I know you'll find the perfect pieces.

    Have a great week my friend!

  11. Look at your sweet kitty loving the camera! I LOVE the 1st sofa with the nail heads and even the flax color of it.

    Wishing you a wonderful week!
    xo Noel

  12. I am just dying to change my living room couch and your post is very inspiring.Thanks !!

  13. Darling your home looks lovely. So fresh and full of good energy.

    Your cat is very handsome - just look at him! :)

    Love your line up of ideas for what to buy. I can't wait to see what you go with. All of them are great.

    xx Charlotta

  14. All really wonderful choices! Can't wait to see what you decide.

    Oh, and if you tire of that super fabulous coffee table, please bring it to my house!!!

  15. how I fall in love to your pink roses :) is that the real fresh flower?

  16. I think your family room is totally smitten-worthy! I do love all of your wish pieces, however. The velvety sofa looks so gorgeous!
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  17. I hadn-t seen your previous post, oh, my what lovely images of your guest room and the meeting with fellow bloggers, how lovely!!
    I think your sofa and livingroom look very elegant and refined, it all matches so well.
    have a great weekend!

  18. isn't your cat adorable :)

    have you tried

    for sofa's? I think they are now avail in the U.S, if that helps, although probably very spenny (expensive)

  19. New reader, first time commenting:
    great blog. I enjoyed reading your post as you look for that perfect sofa. Looks like your purrfectly handsome cat should also have a say-so, too. Will check back to join on your journey.

  20. Most people spend a lot of time either sitting on or looking at their sofa so choosing the right one is important. They are increasingly become the focal point of most homes so ensuring you have one that looks good and is comfy is vital for household harmony.

    Thanks for sharing..

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  21. Hi Terri!

    Just stopping by to see how you are doing! Hope that you are having a good time! Just don't forget to relax some in between :)

    Hugs and have a great week!


  22. you def like exposed legs. so do i. be sure you get those. and you seem to like either cushionless, or one bottom cushion, instead of two or three. remember that when buying.
    and tightback. or tufted, no back cushions.

    you should have no problem becuase most of these really look alike, just a few details that are different.

  23. Hello...I'm just seeing this now and am chuckling a little bit because these are pretty much the exact same sofas I've been looking at, and all of them needed a bit of tweeking in my opinion also!
    Exposed legs and bench seat have been #1 on my list...but with a little cush!
    I will let you know if I come across anything and will continue to see if you have found a keeper also.

    Happy Spring (soon for you I hope),

  24. Those are all great choices. I have been happy with every Lee I have owned.