Sunday, June 07, 2009

More British Beauties

These charming finds are from lovely British Mailorder retailer Cox & Cox.  I receive their emails but have just requested a catalogue and cannot wait for their beautifully styled and photographed collection to arrive in my mailbox.

I may just have to order something - perhaps this charming seaside hurricane...
I am coveting this heart candle:
And this Sophie Conran pouring bowl would be perfect for scrambled eggs:
I love this curvaceous tri-level candle sconce:
And would love to read the story of The Kiss:
Happy hearts and...
flowers too...


  1. Terri, I LOVE your new blog header picture!

    Why can Europeans make such lovely things? I am constantly in awe of beautiful trinkets from the other side of the pond.

    Another British website I love is You may enjoy some of the beauties there too.

  2. Terri,
    You will love the is amazing.
    Ness xx

  3. Beautiful post, Terri.
    Those peonies are such a gorgeous shade of pink.

    I wanted to thank you for the lovely comment about Nick's room. It truly touched my heart.
    xo xo


  4. Hi Terri.
    Firstly thanks for your well wishes. I have a virus and am just about to crawl back to bed and try and sleep it off.
    I totally love Cox and Cox. After a fruitless search for mercury candlesticks here in Adelaide, I decided on the weekend to order some through Cox and Cox. Until I got to the end of the order process and found out that the postage was going to cost 85 pounds! I decided against it. Such a pity, they are just what I'm after. I'm loving that candle sconce as well.

  5. More lovely things to dream about. I have to visit Cox & Cox at once!

  6. Lovely, lovely things! I adore the candle holder in the first picture, the egg bowl (oh, how I need one!), and the silver hanging heart (yes, I NEED one of these too!). Your blog is beautiful.

  7. Look at all those wonderful products. Aren't those peonies just the best. xo Joan

  8. Your new banner is so pretty! Those images are just beautiful. Let us know what you choose. Love the story of the kiss.

  9. Ooooh my goodness ... so many wonderful things. Have to check it out as well ;-)

  10. So pretty! I have visited Cox & Cox before too and really enjoy browsing their site. Deborah

  11. I just love the egg bowl, how cool is that! Great fresh post this is too!


  13. love these images too!! so fresh & natural.

  14. Love your post, the peonies are lovely and I think I will visit Cox and cox now....very curious!

    have a good weekend.

  15. I recommend the Sophie Conran Portmeiron series; I've got a bowl that I got as a gift and I love it...
    Have a wonderful weekend Terri!

  16. you know how I love Cox & Cox ;)