Thursday, June 04, 2009

~ Beautiful Finds at (British) Brissi ~

I have a terrible penchant for beautiful things.  

My latest obsession is British home decor shops and decor sites, a fixation fuelled by my burgeoning addiction to UK decorating magazines.  Someone had to fill the magazine void, and luckily the Brits were there to save the day.  These days, I cannot gush enough about British style!
Suffice it to say, I am transfixed by the treasures available at UK retailer Brissi - their collection is both classically beautiful and affordable: 
Now, I wonder if the ship across the pond?

I need some dishes for magical little soaps:

And my preserves have been looking lost without a proper jam pot holder:  

My toast also needs some propping up:

These regal tea light holders look like little glass bricks:

And they even make furniture, as spell-binding as this chest:

Not to mention this dressing table and gorgeous mirror.  I would not be able to pull myself away each day and would have to get a new job, working from home:

Hope you have enjoyed your virtual shopping!


  1. What a beautiful find Terri - I must go & check out their site. Lee :)

  2. oh, yes. Very pretty indeed.
    Love that mirrored chest.


  3. What classy looking items, I think my favorite is that little jam holder- so cute!

    Have a good weekend!

  4. Terri what a gorgeous post, and I love your header too!! Thanks for the birthday wishes :)

  5. I love the British style and would love to buy everything!

  6. Oh, YES PLEASE!
    Love the mirrored chest and the mirror.

  7. The stores are gorgeous too, they are all painted soft warm gray and everything in them is tone of tone, very soft and neutral - you would LOVE it. I sometimes pop into the one on the kings rd and drool; they do very nice towels too, in french gray :)