Saturday, June 13, 2009

Lilac Season at Our House

I know we are sorely behind most of the country when it comes to Spring flowers.  But it's finally the height of lilac season here in Calgary and I'm celebrating the bounty!  I adore lilacs and have been bringing bunches into the house for the past week or so.
At my parents' home out east, we had a lilac bush in front of the house for as long as I can remember, and I always adored it.  When I was home in May, I was thrilled to see it breaking bud.  And at my grandmother's place there was a whole row of lilac bushes separating the house from the road, so I am very nostalgic for these lovely flowers. 
 They have an old-fashioned country charm but look regal in any interior.  They are very strongly-scented though, and I would not advise having them anywhere near a dinner table. 
When we moved into our Calgary home, I was delighted to see a great hedge of lilac bushes in the front yard (below), the same lilac colour as the ones I grew up with: 
We also have a miniature lilac (below) in the front yard.  It produces a smaller, darker-coloured flower which also has a strong scent.
Lilacs need to be pruned right after flowering since flowers appear the next Spring on "old wood", meaning that flowers appear on the growth from the previous summer.  
We prune our big bush every two years to prevent it from growing too tall and unweildy and prune the little one every year to keep it neat and round.
Hope you enjoyed the wee tour of our front yard.


  1. You're right; lilac season has come and gone in Albany, NY

  2. I heart lilacs. If I had a big backyard I'd already have planted a big tree. Enjoy them.

  3. It has been good to catch up with you, Terri. I see that you have been East and have purchased such a pretty photograph of the Portland Headlight. I'm glad that you were home in lilac season. Actually, my four little lilac sprigs are just about a week gone by so there's not that much difference between here and there.

  4. I hate to admit it, but I feel so envious when seeing pictures of lilacs! I adore them, and they remind me of my mother (who passed away many years ago). However, they simply do not grow in Atlanta - maybe it is too hot? Once, I saw a straggly, withered lilac bush on a sidestreet in Atlanta, and I stopped the car to smell the scent. It was the first time in a decade that I had smelled lilacs!

    This year, Whole Foods had some lilacs, but they were quite anemic. They barely had any scent at all, and the buds really did not bloom.

    What a nice treat to have such a beautiful bouquet in your home! Enjoy them while they last.

  5. Ms. Terri, PLEASE do a post on frame groupings on the wall. Although I shared several pictures, I always love the thought that goes into your blog text. Surely you'd have some inspiring words and encouragement to share. Please post-away!

    I also remember growing up in Calgary and absolutely LOVING lilac season. I could get drunk on their scent. Too lovely for words.

  6. Lovely, lovely lilac - makes me wish it was in season here in Melbourne. I'm quite envious that you have a whole hedgerow of lilac. Lee :)

  7. So beautiful Terri, I can almost smell them from here.

  8. You have made me miss Calgary springs, even though they are so late!! I was in town for one day - the lilac festival a couple of sundays ago, with the sun high in the sky, it was just wonderful. Hope the flowers are still blooming!

  9. Gorgeous. Lilacs are among my favorites. We have a couple little (I mean tiny!) ones that are still too baby to even flower- but I'm hopeful we'll have the sweet smell of lilacs throughout our home someday. I Love seeing photos of the outside of your home!! Knew that the insde was gorgeous should have guessed that the outside would be equally well done. Would love to see more....

  10. Those lilacs are so beautiful and they look so nice in your home. I would love to have a yard for lilac bushes, since they're not readily available in shops (er, Whole Foods!) as other flowers are. Deborah

  11. we don't get lilacs here - they look gorgeous!

  12. Yes, thank you for the tour! I love lilacs, they look very luxurious and the scent is wonderful. Glad that you finally got to enjoy them!

  13. Those are so gorgeous! There's nothing better than fresh flowers from your own garden... enjoy your lilac season!

  14. SO beautiful terri!!!! so envious!!!! wow the smell is just heaven!!!!!

  15. Oh, I miss having lilacs! We moved from central NY to coastal NC and there are no lilacs here. But we do have wisteria and that helps to ease the pain :)

  16. Oh you do have them late, our spring flowers in DC have long since come and gone! Now it's the awful heat of summer and I'm longing for some cool weather and lilacs!

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