Tuesday, October 07, 2008

~ Home ~

We're finally home after a lovely two-week holiday in Paris.

The trip was everything we hoped it would be and we've arrived home utterly exhausted and all Paris'd-out.  We put countless miles on our walking shoes, filled our tummies with marvelous, rich french cuisine and absorbed as much culture and history as we could fit in our wee heads.  
Across the Seine to the Louvre

If you can believe it, I took over 1000 photos and - for your reading pleasure - shopped at about two dozen decorating shops!  I have so much to tell you!  We also visited three of the famous Paris flea markets and walked just about every street in every arrondissement.  Do I have stories for you...
Paris from the Eiffel tower, looking east towards Les Invalides (Napoleon's tomb)

I have so much catching up to do, with your blogs and with life here in Canada.  The office has been charging ahead without me, so I have so much catching up to do at work and at home.  But after two weeks of speaking french and living the hustle and bustle of Paris life, I'm ready to sink back into normal for a while.
Little cabbage flowers, at the lively Place d'Aligre vegetable market

Come back soon, and I'll fill you in on our adventures, the foods we ate, the things we saw, the people we watched, the shops we visited.  

And most importantly, I'll share stories about all the lovely and unusual french decor shops I visited. I'll post some photos of the things we bought and a few of the things I couldn't get home in my suitcase.

So happy to be back, Terri


  1. Hi!

    Wow sounds like the trip was all that :) I'm so happy you had a fun time!! Looking forward to seeing the pics and hear you tell us more!

    Have a great wednesday!

    Hugs, Susanne

  2. Now doesn't that sound wonderful and intriguing! I'll be back as often as I can in the next week, even if I don't have a moment to write comments. (I'll catch up with comments later.)

    Welcome home! That office had better be kind to you.

  3. welcome home! I missed you!!

  4. Welcome home! I can't wait to see/read all about your trip.

  5. Welcome home, Terri! Looking forward to your 1000 photos. :)

  6. norma9:44 am

    It's good to have you home Terri, I'm looking forward to all your pictures.

  7. Safeway Southcentre has cabbage roses today.... $10.99....

  8. Hi Terri! Thank you for your comment! Wearing those dresses is so much fun, I made mine, so it feels even better to know I did it myself!

    Oh! I love this picture of the cabbage flowers. It really takes me back to some beautiful memories, if I close my eyes for just a moment I can smell, feel, & hear Paris. Counting the days until I can get back :( Sigh! I'm sure it will be a while with the way things are right now for everybody.
    Hope you have a wonderful day! Thanks for stopping in to see me!

  9. Well good to see you are back, girl! Wow, I bet you have some wonderful stories (and I can see lovely photos in the following posts!) to share! Glad to have you back and I can't wait to see all the wonderful things you brought back with you in your camera and heart.