Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Paris Post: Sentou's lovely luminous lights

We discovered these utterly delightful "paper cube garland" lights at an interesting shop called Sentou, whilst walking one evening in Paris.  The strands of lights, which have cubes of coloured or plain white paper, retail for 160 (about CAN $240) per strand, according to the note in the window.

The shop we walked past is located at 26 boulevard Raspail in the 7th arrondisement (75007).
Happily, I've discovered that the garlands are also sold on their website, along with lots of other cool and colourful  products.  On their website, the 30-strand garland is listed for slightly less (150) while a 15-strand garland is shown for 108€ (about CAN $160)

Naturally, since Sentou is a European retailer, these lights are suitable for European current (220V) and would work in North American (110V) only with a voltage converter and adapter.

In the store, the lights were shown hanging from the ceiling, which I found simply marvelous!  This, however, would require a receptacle in the ceiling, or an extension cord!

I think these lights are just dreamy, especially the coloured ones, and have fantasies of creating my own paper cube lights using cool LED strands.  Wouldn't these be lovely in a child's room?!

P.S.  Sorry I'm slow writing about Paris, but I'm swamped at work and also slowly learning how to use our new iMac in the evenings.  I haven't figured out file management yet, so I'm rather slow at sorting out how to deal with my 1000+ Paris photos, how to reduce their sizes, etc.  I'm also trying to set up some photo sharing on Flickr or equivalent so my family can see our photos, and I've not done this before, so it's a rather painful process.  Any suggestions on the best photo-sharing websites?  Plus, we're going out of town this weekend for Thanksgiving so I'll be indisposed!

More soon, I promise!


  1. Those lights are wonder that you're enchanted by them. I think that you can reproduce the look for less, if you can scrape up some time.

    As for the sharing of photos, all of the online spots do a great job and they all take time. I use Photobucket, Shutterfly, and Picasa. None have shortcuts that I'm aware of. I'll be watching the comments here to see what others have to say about it.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Terri!

  2. The lights look marvellous. I guess you could try making some out of an ordinary light chain?

    I use Flickr for my photos but they are for public sharing, not just for family and friends.

  3. I have pics on Flickr and Picturetrail... Flickr is free... I have the basic picturetrail ... and forget what it is ... about 29 bucks a year I think. The Flickr probably works a bit better for transporting pics to other sites and as a matter of fact..some groups I belong to you can only get the pics on if you have them on Flickr.

  4. oh, forgot to say Terri about the plum is reeeeellly yummy. I loved it. Just found some more plums...and will make two more tomorrow.. and freeze some plums for winter.