Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Decorating gives birth to more decorating...

I’m very happy with the new paint colour on our main floor. Although the colour is much lighter than I’d hoped, it’s a truly lovely shade of off-white and I’m delighted with how airy the room looks. The light walls pick up the light tones in the living room rug, which suddenly seems luminous. Our sage green furniture really stands out and its colour seems softer and prettier than before, when it competed with dark green walls.

We’ve just started putting the rooms back together. We were away this weekend and I’ve been sick with a sinus infection, so I’ll post photos of the "new" space soon. I've taken some of the window coverings down in the living room (for now) and love the extra light. But the living and dining room are still rather bare, and I've hung nothing on the walls, so don't expect much!

Seeing the living room emptied out with its classic light walls makes me want to keep it spare! My old coffee table is hideous and I hate to put it back in the room. We truly need a new one that's lighter and prettier. I’m considering glass (which isn't my first choice for practicality), but it's elegant and classic and lets so much light into a small room (and doesn’t hide the rug!). I adore this one...

Ferguson Copeland Bombe' Cocktail Table, Pompeiian Silver

I’d also like to replace the mirror in our front hall with a more sophisticated one. I'd love a proper antique mirror, but they cost a small fortune! The front hall is narrow, so I’m also considering one of those wall-shelf console thingies, to place under the mirror. The ones I've seen are too ornate for my tastes, but I shall keep looking...

I love the curves of this Chippendale horn mirror, by J.F. Chen

An ornate wall console, from Antiques on Old Plank Road

Deliciously ornate Louis XV mirror from 1st Dibs

We also need to replace the dining room light fixture. I have several ideas in mind, all of which are rather airy and simple. I think I want everything silver-coloured, so I'll have to be careful when I buy the coffee table, mirrors and such to coordinate my metals as best as I can. We eventually need to replace all the kitchen knobs too!

Nickel chandelier, from Circa Lighting

And the walls are crying for art! I have several botanical prints I want to frame, and a number of bird prints and sketches. I find frame shopping rather poor in Calgary, and may have to make or customize (paint) some frames.

We also have two armchairs (one a pink tub-sorta chair, and the other an old grey armchair I inherited) that need replacing/slipcovering and re-upholstering, respectively. I haven’t even started to think about chair options, but when we do buy, I'd like a classic, like a French bergere.
A pair of antique French bergeres, from 1st Dibs

And did I mention the sofa needs pillows too?

The list goes on and on, and we still need to get our home office organized this summer! I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or bad, but this decorating business really never ends.

Photos of the (still bare) living room to come...


  1. Serendipity strikes! Yay! Gotta love that, Terri. Maybe it's a "higher plan." (Insert organ music here.) Hahahaha...

    All of your ideas sound marvelous. I know that it will be a beautiful, thoughtfully pulled together room: a place for souls to rest. Yup, waxing philosophical today.

    You know that I think you're top shelf yourself, my dear. Keep us informed as you are able!

  2. Anonymous2:29 pm

    I'm looking forward to seeing your painted living room - you have great taste and I have no doubt it will look amazing.

    I have to say also really love your little design lessons that you give periodically - like the one on Belgian decorating - I really learned a thing or two, which is wonderful. Keep up the good work.


  3. oh so nice things, I love the chairs... so so nice.

    hope u are ok

    Many hugs

  4. Love the title of your post :) ...its rings so true!

  5. I like your pics! Lovely chandelier and I really like the painting with the flowers too! I hope that all goes well with the painting! Have a lovely weekend!

  6. Hello! welcome back, i have been waiting for you and your pictures! I loove the chairs, have a loveley weekend!

  7. It sounds fun - you have a lot to do and fix, but it is a pleasure to decorate a home. I am looking forward to see how it all will end up.
    love Poppins

  8. Love your choice. Your room is going to look amazing with all these beautiful touches. All of those pieces are beautiful

  9. I agree with the other, you have really nice taste and "me like" it all. have a great day.