Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Painted Bliss: Before & After

I no longer wish to recall the horror of my green living room and dining room before I decided to paint it a classically beautiful shade of ivory (Benjamin Moore Soft Chamois OC-13).
I'll start with the AFTER photos first (because they are prettier!) The rooms aren't put together yet darlings...the process is just beginning. We will install new drapes and hardware, a new light fixture in the dining room, and I have lofty plans for a new coffee table and a pretty collection of art for the walls.

What do you think? A soft and tranquil start, I think, and just the effect I wanted.


And a couple of BEFORE photos, with those green walls that I once thought I liked, and the draperies I detest and can't wait to replace!

Kudos to our wonderful and affordable painters:  KC Painting (Casey Zayko) (403) 258-3140



  1. It is so nice. Love the living room rug and the neutrals == so much nicer than the before. I would do something about the dining room rug though - doesn't really go with the rest - the pink and the deeper green - has a dated look. Something along the line of the living room rug would be awesome. Good job!

  2. Those rooms now look like they stepped off a magazine cover! It looks very elegant. I keep thinking of the "pretty to look at, lovely to hold...touch it and break it, consider it sold!". I say that because at one time I would've liked a classy, clutter free home like that. It's just not possible with my brood. Just today my son managed to trip over something and somehow fell, get this, ACROSS the room, hit my calender on the wall. It fell down and hit the electrical plate near the baseboard - it shattered, then both fell into the dogs' water and food dishes and broke on the ceramic bowls. Just imagine a class act like that moving around in that pretty, pale room of yours... keep posting pictures! I enjoy looking at things I shall never have!

  3. Anonymous8:24 pm

    The new paint colour looks lovely and serene. I'm enjoying watching your room come together.

    Have you considered painting the wood trim around your windows cream as there are now horizontal brown lines framed by drapes. The cream would blend in with the walls and the drapes would be the focus not the trim. Just a thought.


  4. Lovely! I thought I liked the green walls, too, but the ivory is exquisite. Thanks for posting for us in the midst of what must be a very busy time. Not too much longer before you leave on vacation, right?

  5. Wow, absolutely lovely! Looks really tranquil and relaxed! I really like the rug as well :) Have a really nice wednesday!

  6. It looks lovely...very you: serene, classy...

    Have a great trip home!!

  7. Ooooo....lovely!!

    I love Benjamin Moore paint - it rolls on better than any other brand. Our master bedroom is BenMoore's "minced onion" - a (barely) sage green with no yellowish undertone. Very calming.

  8. It looks lovely and when I compare Now and Before I see what different the new colour does.

  9. What an amazing transformation!

    I bet you are so happy to see it coming together!