Monday, April 28, 2008

Painting: In Progress

Our painters arrived this morning and have started working their special kind of magic. They seem very professional and efficient, but we ran into a slight problem. Once they started a couple of walls in my chosen colour, I realized that the colour was way too light. In fact, the walls look basically white (while the sample board I painted looks much more beige). I know the colour will darken a little as it dries and the remaining coats are applied, but I quickly realized I'm running into the same Benjamin Moore issue I had when I painted my master bedroom. For that, the colour came out much whiter than the sample card and the big chip I brought home.

I don't know why the Benjamin Moore off-whites look so much whiter on the walls than on the cards. It probably has to do with reflection and stuff, but the reality is, I wanted a much more pale beige colour.

So....I took one of the half-used gallons and the unused gallons back to the Benjamine Moore store, and after two trips, we've boosted the pigment by 50% to give a slightly darker colour. To be honest, the walls still look white to me and not nearly as beige as the sample card I painted. Even the painters agree, but the Benjamin Moore guy claimed that it would better match my sample board now. So we shall see. It's amazing how little colour there is in these Off-Whites. Basically it is a gallon of white paint with about 6 drops, a few ounces, of colour in it. So it's really easy to see how the walls read white if there is any light falling on them at all. How frustrating!

I've decided that unless I want to switch to a whole new colour (a browner beige), I'm stuck with this since we have 5 gal of paint already mixed. So I'll be patient and wait to see how it turns out once it dries and additional coats are applied.

Even if the colour isn't as beige as I wanted, the space looks amazingly bright and fresh already!

I'm so happy that green is gone. I'll try to post more update photos later this week, but my internet is going down for 2 days while I switch my phone to a new provider, and we're going away this weekend, so it may be next week before you see the final product.


  1. oh, dear.....yes, if it is in the "off-white" range of colour is not usually really colour. At least the chartreuse is gone and you will have fresh and new you say.
    You sure have a lot happening at the same time....arrrghhhhh! I can relate.. it is reno central over here most of the time. Feels just like home to me, seeing all the drops cloths protecting our lovely hardwood...I wish you luck and some success with the latest endeavour.

  2. Because I just went through this same paint dilemma, I can totally relate. The pictures on here look...well...white. However, it looks beautiful, fresh, and open. I am excited to see if the new addition of tone makes it darker. Good luck...I know it's frustrating. Chris

  3. Frustrating to be sure, but it's so clean and bright looking.

    My! Those guys move right along and with very little mess.

    You sure have a lot going on this week...take care and hurry back!

  4. Hej Terri! U can read about the place on the link Gammelstad Church Town in the english text.

    I am taking a blog break, I need that, I have no bigger inspiration and it has to do with personal things.

    Many many hugs


  5. It is nice to have newly painted, fresh, clean walls. With your new carpet and lamps, etc., you're home is going to be so beautiful when it's all done!

  6. Oh, I do hope that the colour turns out better than you anticipated when it is all said and done. Once all the mirrors, decorations and personal touches are up, the true hue will likely show through. Good luck to you Terri!

  7. I hope you will be satisfied with the colour when everything is finished. I know how the wrong shade can drive one crazy.... grrr... I remember when I saw our new home after it was painted and I nearly fainted. Ater a while we just had to have it repainted...

  8. Looks fresh! Interesting & inspiring blog!

  9. Wow, it looks fresh and nice :) I'm sure it will be really nice once it is finished :) It's the same over here... feels like living in total chaos all the time.. Oh well, once it's done it will feel a lot better :) Have a nice Friday!

  10. It is kind of weird--I think the amount of light in the room makes a big difference. I am always amazed at how different a room looks at night than in the day time! Some colors I like in the daytime are so different at night and you never can really tell until you live with it a while!

  11. Oh drat, leaving us hanging for a whole weekend at least! It will be interesting to see what the final colour looks like, especially once the furniture is moved back. How odd the paint chip and painted block is darker than the walls. I think with the different lighting throughout the day the paint will take on different hues.

    Thanks for popping in to my blog and commenting. Sometimes I think I'm writing to myself!

  12. I am yet to come across a paint that looks exactly the same as it did in the shade card or photo :-)

    Looking forward to see how your paint project progresses!

  13. Oh, Terri, that happens a lot. So frustrating. But, hopefully in the end it will all come together. Once the accessories and furnishings get put into place I bet it will look SMASHING! Better than you expect. That is why I love designing with a loose plan. Rigid plans fall apart pretty easily. And unless you have a HUGE budget for adjustments and perfection, it is sometimes good to say it is "good enough" and move on.

    Love to you,

  14. JUst found your blog as I was blog hopping :) So far you are the closest blogger to me! I have another fellow Canadian blogger friend, from Ontario. But I noticed your in Calgary...Im in Edmonton! (although originally Im from Newfoundland).
    Anyways, thought Id stop by and say HI :) I like your blog,


  15. Oh no! Im sorry you're not happy with the paint color but too white is probably better than too green or too brown, right? Just think of it like a clean canvas you can work your magic on.