Wednesday, December 12, 2007

~ L O V E ~

Glacier wreath
Perhaps I have been living under a rock, but I just discovered a very lovely UK retailer called "The White Company". The company specialises in supplying a wide range of stylish home accessories and clothing, principally in white! Although their website isn't clear, it appears they do ship abroad (as they say).

They note that "although some signature colour pieces are introduced into the range to add seasonality, the core product range remains in timeless and impeccably stylish white".
I could not agree more with their concept! I love the dreamy, airy perfection of white and its soft-spoken cousins (those pale blues and creams, taupes and pinks).
Airy blue quilted bedding
I was just mentioning to David the other day that I would love to start an "all white" gift shop, one in a long series of gift shop concepts I've daydreamed about starting...still, isn't this one heavenly?!
Speaking of heaven...check out the tasteful and reasonably-priced product line. The stunning Deco chandelier was the first thing that caught my eye. It is so refined and so unusual and I adore it! Time to start my order...Art Deco chandelier Pearl runner (I'm considering this!) Lotus shade (rather expensive, but divine!) Simple white candles and fine wire-crystal holders "Inuit" slippers Neat laundry box

Little peg board Soft friends Brighton wall mirror


  1. Dear Wind lost - I came to visit you via Cote De Texas's links. This is a beautiful post - the lotus lamp especially!!

  2. Some of the simpler whites.... how about IKEA...? Honestly ..the laundry thingy...looks pretty familiar.

  3. I love this. I've been in an all white decor store before. It's a tiny shop in a bed and breakfast town in the mountains where my mom and sisters and I always vacation. I have to go to that shop everytime, it's beautiful. The woman that owns it has great taste, and I always tell her I could move in. I'm sure she rolls her eyes after I leave. :)

  4. You have a very nice blog! Lovely pictures and a lovely home. Thank you for visiting me, it was fun to find Wind Lost.

  5. Your owning a decor shop specializing in whites, taupes, and creams sounds like a really good thing. Hope that you're truly exploring the possibilities.

  6. That lotus shade is so beautiful! I havent' seen anything like that before. I clicked on the website and found this beautiful glass bead garland that is just calling my name.

    I was also inspired to pick up my camera and take some pics of all things white (that make me happy) around my house. It helps that it has snowed again today.

    I needed a little creative inspiration. Thank you!

  7. I just discovered your blog. Love it! And what a wonderful source for White goodies.

  8. Hi Terri! No mice, just one big rat. LOL!

    Guess what I received today? My January issue of Country Living. It is soooooo skimpy that I can't believe it. What are the magazines coming to?????

  9. Pretty! I love the idea of all white decor, with textures and shades of creamy whites!