Sunday, December 09, 2007


Here are some photos from around the house.

David and I had a busy weekend, preparing for Christmas and also for dinner guests Monday night (David's brother's birthday party). Besides shopping most of Saturday, today I cleaned the house, baked a birthday cake and made a pan of squares for Christmas. Plus, I went for a walk , talked to both Moms, changed the bed, and did laundry! David ran errands, put up some lovely blue LED Christmas lights outside and made us a lovely supper (jerk chicken and smashed potatoes! yum!). All in all a marvellous weekend, but boy, am I ready for a vacation!

I bought the gorgeous pink poinsettia (above) this weekend and adore the colour. I want 10 more! I don't want this colour to ever go away!

I decorated my own wreath (above) using a wonderful-smelling (and very sticky!) plain pine wreath, to which I added ribbons, a little bird-in-nest, and several pearl balls. I like it kind of spare like this.

The pine cones (above) were stolen from a neighbour's tree, and are stationed in my guest bathroom, next to a pretty pale green photo I adore. I like the muted grey colour of the pine cones, which weren't brown like I thought they'd be.

Also above is a picture of David's night table, which has suitable boy decorations (mini-antlers and blue pot). Plus, a snowflake ornament I strung in my bedroom window...

Below is a photo of the bookshelves in my spare room, where I have some little green pottery and a couple of vintage postcards plus a new decoupage box which is sort of vintage-y. This is my vintage corner, in progress. Also a vintage Santa in my guest bathroom, below. I included another photo of the decoupage box (sitting on the table). It was made by Melanie from Carolina Cottage (a sweet Etsy seller), and I love it!

Also below, a new strand of pink and green "pearls" to hang in my window. This strand was from Honey B's, a vintage store here in Calgary where I also bought the vintage Santa hanging (below).

H A P P Y H O L I D A Y S!!


  1. looking beautiful Terry. Very tastefully done.
    Love the silver beaded wire thingy... and the crackle glass votive holders.

  2. Your house looks lovely!

    I have been thinking a lot about table centerpieces after reading your last post. We always have a buffet on the sideboard, so I have a really lovely centerpiece design that I keep up through January since it is wintry as well. It is a collection of crystal candlesticks, deer, angels, snowmen, all with little acrylic snow pieces. Very hard to describe...perhaps I will do a post on it.

  3. OOooooooooo! What a lovely job decorating. The pale colour scheme is perfect in your home. I like the window decorating and might try that myself. I've never hung anything other than lights in my window. How was the birthday party? And what is jerk chicken?

  4. What a lovely home! and i loved your table decor & your shelf absolutely filled with tasteful goodies! And that crystal window decor was so pretty. Thanx a million for sharing this beauty with us. Its great to see perfectly arranged and beautifully photographed stuff in magazines- but this is where the penny drops- Lovely place Terri!

  5. Hi Terri,
    Everything looks so pretty and elegant...and I think you just described my dream weekend!!

    I, too, am hoping things quieten down a bit soon...


  6. I love house tours! You've done a beautiful job of creating "home."

  7. Those pretty crystal snowflakes really speak to me. Your home is so delicate yet so inviting. It seems like the perfect place to curl up with a cup of tea and be filled with good conversation. No worries about whether having your feet under you on the sofa is proper etiquette or not.

    Thank you for inviting us in.

    I haven't had jerk chicken in so long. Does that wonderful boyfriend care to share his recipe?

  8. Your home looks so beautiful!

    I keep telling myself that if I didn't have cats (who would clearly need to take down all those nice decorations - it's their calling in life) my house could also look this good. But then, I'm not much of a decorator.

    You really have a gift for decorating!

  9. Terri, everything looks lovely! I can smell the yummy food and hear the Christmas music playing softly in the background. I especially love what you did with the bookcase. Great job!

  10. You did all of that in one weekend? Wow you were hustling girl! It actually sounds like us right before a party. We can really move when we have a deadline. But getting to take a walk, fixing dinner and baking too? You are amazing!

    Your house is looking like it is all fixed up for Christmas, it looks great all festive and sparkly! Aren't you happy to see it finally coming together? I love when we have finally decorated and I can start to enjoy the holidays.

    Happy day,

  11. Love the table decorations! Everything looks lovely and classy.