Monday, December 18, 2006

Bad Blogger Bad Bad Blogger

I know - I'm a bad person, a bad blogger. I haven't posted in at least 3 weeks and I know you are all dying for news from me. Or not.

Well - the big news is that we moved into the new house successfully. The moves on Nov.30 and Dec.1 went flawlessly. Movers arrived bright and early at my condo on Nov.30 and then went on to David's place to pick up his stuff. The "move outs" were done in about 7h total. In the late afternoon, I spent a few hours cleaning my empty apartment (and almost vomited from the relentless back pain - from days of packing and abusing my fragile body - and headache). Then David and I headed to his grandma's house for supper and an overnight stay. His grandma is a real doll, and had a lovely supper all ready for us, which was so appreciated!!

The next morning, we arrived at our beautiful new house at 11am for the walk-through and our realtor handed us the keys. The money and papers had changed hands and the delays we'd been warned about didn't happen. Our movers arrived around 1pm and the move was all done in about 4-5h. As far as we can tell, nothing was broken during the move. My microwave was dented on top, but that's it!

The only trauma pertained to my bed frame, which the movers couldn't get apart. It's a massive great Mission oak frame, and the movers were totally perplexed when it didn't respond to the usual force to separate it into parts. Usually the headboard and foot board lift up and disconnect from the frame. But this was solid as a rock, and of course I didn't watch the movers assemble it when I moved from Toronto, so wasn't sure either of how or if it came apart. Eventually after a lot of shimmying and torquing and 20-year-old-guy-muscle-power, it was forced apart (unbroken!). All along I was thinking "dudes, this bed frame cost more than your car so if you break it I will KILL you".

Beyond that, the move was blessedly perfect. To top it off, our neighbours on the east side sent their 3 kids over with a basket full of dinner for us, containing (1) fixings for a Caesar salad - chopped-up romaine, baggies with bacon bits (real ones) and croutons, a container of dressing, and a nice slab of good old crusty Grana (2) half a loaf of French bread (3) a ready-to-bake chicken lasagne (4) two desserts on a platter (5) a hearty bottle of Italian red and (6) a bag of wine glasses, plates, and all the forks and knives required. What fabulous neighbours!! I told David we'll have to sign up for the weekly delivery! Anyway, it was very very lovely of them to think of us...a very cool couple with charming kids and great taste!

In the past few weeks, we've managed to unpack about 80% of the boxes and most of the rooms are semi-organized. The dining room is still full of boxes. The kitchen is clean and clear but not everything is in its final destination. With so many cupboards, we keep moving things to other drawers and cupboards to determine the optimal logistics. The living room is liveable but we don't have any art on the walls (waiting until we patch and paint). Our bedroom is organized and so is the tv room, with books on the shelves in some order and a rug on the floor, but the basement is a sea of boxes. The office is a repository for unpacked stuff that we don't know what to do with. The computer isn't set up yet. It wasn't a priority for me, but after 3 weeks without a computer at home I don't know whether I feel liberated or lost. What is this feeling? Freedom? Or grief?

Anyway, no computer means no blogging. And work has been busy. We have an annual two-week wine draw, which involves dozens of bottles of wine (183 this year), daily draws and many winners. I'm on the team, so for the past 2 weeks my noon hours were spent drawing names, composing emails, tracking wine, giving prizes, and planning for our final draw on Friday. WIth that over, my noon hours are finally free again. David entered two bottles in the draw as an outsider entry and ended up winning 6 bottles! Plus, I've had actual WORK to do - you know that stuff I've been neglecting the past month or so...

Now for the next big event - Christmas! David and I are somewhat ready - the shopping is almost done, the wrapping not. The house isn't really decorated, but we do have a stunning wreath and a little reindeer with lights out front (which we got for free and which looks very festive, more like a moose than a reindeer). The Christmas cards are rolling in. And we are rolling out of town on Friday to spend the holiday with David's mum, brother and sister-in-law at his Mum's house east of Red Deer. Rural Alberta for Christmas - can't wait!!

It will be strange and surreal for me this year - I've always, always gone home to the Maritimes to spend the holiday with my Mom and Dad and large extended family. This year will be my first not spent with my Mom! I can hardly believe it. I am so sad and blue. But I must say - as much as I will miss my lovely sweet Mom - it is sooooo nice not to be travelling and flying Christmas week. I hate airports, airplanes, flight attendants, people at airports, people who sit next to me, 14h flight days (across Canada), jet lag, luggage that doesn't arrive at the other end. I will miss my darling Mom terribly, but man --- it is pure unadulterated bliss to not have to fly!!

Our drive to the country will take 2-3h depending on weather and traffic. Two hours listening to Christmas CD's in the car, with the seat heaters on, and a box of chocolates to keep us merry...

Love to you all this Christmas! And Happy New Year!!


  1. Anonymous8:29 pm

    So glad your back to blogging, I missed you!

    I hear you on the not flying for Christmas! This will be the first time in like 8 years that neither Jamie and I will be flying or away from "home" at Christams. Of course the maritimes is always home for him, and my adopted home, but this is where our "home/house" is, so it's home for now! lol

    Anyway, glad the move went smoothly! Can't wait to see the pictures of the decorated house (whenever that happens, don't rush yourself and cause more headaches!!)

  2. Shannon9:07 pm

    Glad to know you've settled into your new home. I've missed your blog, but don't think youre a "bad blogger"--just a blogger whose been very busy. Happy Holidays.

  3. Anonymous9:28 pm

    Merry Christmas Terri. So pleased to hear that the move was smooth. Blessings to you in your new house.

  4. Anonymous5:03 am


    Been mising you; know that you've been busy. So glad to know that things went smoothly. How wonderful tht you won't need to fly! But it's bittersweet. Merry Christmas. Can't wait to see the pics when they're ready!

  5. Anonymous1:16 pm

    good to see you again! i figured you were busy with the move and preparing for christmas.

    have a great one! i will be one of the millions flying :) but hopefully will survive the craziness of it all!

  6. Anonymous11:59 pm

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