Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Recovering, Reviving....

Finally, a blog update...(I haven't forgotten you, but do have some reading to catch up on!).

I'm now recovering from a nasty 10-day flu. I got sick on Dec.28 and Saturday Jan.6 was the first day I got dressed and was "up" (i.e. vertical) most of the day. Recovering slowly - with a malicious cough that has lasted a full 2 weeks. Robitussin with codeine works well but still - my ears are blocked and I feel like I'm under-water; my voice is hoarse and raspy. I sound sick and have waves of soul-tiredness. Still - so nice to be alive after the flu's death throes last week - 103F+ fever for days, aching and miserable, chills for 5 days straight. And that headache - that o-so-special flu headache that feels like no other. Ugh.

Christmas was wonderful. I missed my Mom as I didn't fly east, but the holiday in rural Alberta was just perfect! I also got a wonderful Nintendo DS from David, so I can play Big Brain Academy and do electronic sudokus. I also got lots of books from Mom, jewelry, a coffee grinder, PJ's, lots of lovely stuff. David gave me a gorgeous antique Depression glass butter dish I was coveting (the pattern is called Floragold - very pretty). I am generally not a fan of Depression glass, which his Mom collects, but this pattern is so pretty and the dish was lovely and girly and old, but in excellent condition.

I also got a wonderful book from my Mom called "
In the Arts & Crafts Style" by a lady named Barbara Mayer. The book discusses the history and key elements (and has wonderful photos) of my favorite design period - Arts & Crafts - from the turn of the century. I would like a full house of this furniture and decor! For now, I have a beautiful reproduction Mission bed and high boy, but we hope to acquire a sideboard and bookcase in the coming future. And we are trying to be faithful to the Arts & Crafts doctrines - buy pieces of quality, natural materials, beautifully artisan crafted items - instead of filling the house with crap. Still - it is a slow process to build a home that fully reflects your values. It will be a lifetime of collecting, but so fun to slowly start thinking and dreaming of the possibilities.

So, okay, I blogged more than planned. I am back to work and enjoying the new year. Did a lot of soul-searching while sick but still haven't made any career decisions. It is really hard to consider alternatives when you're paid so well. David is in the same boat - he hates his job but got a huge bonus at Christmas and a large raise. We are shackled with golden handcuffs.

Will write more later. There is so much to say. We are starting some painting this weekend. And having family over for dinner Saturday evening - I want to start a new pottery class but have so much I want to do around the is good!

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