Sunday, March 30, 2014

Wedding & Honeymoon: Plans falling into place!

With our wedding coming in June, I've been busy with preparations!  

A Simple Little Wedding?

I never knew there could be this many details for a simple, little wedding!  

I didn't really think about it, but you have to make the exact same decisions whether you're planning a wedding for 25 or 250...the quantities are just smaller!!  

You still need a dress (a tiring quest), a cake and a veil, shoes and a photographer.  You have to rent chairs and plan your flowers and create your invitations. 

You have to find table linens you love (the rental ones are crap), as well as china and glassware (the rental ones are crap).  And you have to get everyone else styled and dressed too - not just yourself.  You need to buy rings!  You need someone to do the ceremony.  You need somewhere to have the ceremony!  You need something intelligent to say when the time comes. 

Oh, and don't forget to plan the menu and get programs made and find the perfect vessels for flowers.  And maybe some pretty jewelry to wear?  And don't forget a second set of chairs for the ceremony, and a high chair for the baby at the reception, and writing your vows and...what about the menu?  

Oh, and try to keep off the 5 of the 15 pounds you planned to lose...exercise is hard when you have chronic muscle pain and headaches, and you're getting tired of vegetables at every meal.

So, what a wonderful project, but what a production!  When it's all done, I can't wait to read a book and visit my blog friends and take a year off Pinterest.


While I've been doing all the art direction for the wedding, David's been planning our honeymoon!  I think this is a great division of labour, particularly since we decided we wanted a low-key honeymoon and I didn't have to worry about doing a lot of research.

We'd originally planned for England, but with wedding expenses and general exhaustion, we thought a more low-key and restful vacation was just the ticket.

Charleston, SC

So we decided to focus our holiday around a city we've always wanted to see...Charleston, South Carolina!  We're going in early October, so it's a bit of a wait.

We'll spend two weeks on the South Carolina coast, centered around Charleston but with perhaps a trip to Savannah.  Then we'll spend a week on the beach in a lovely rented condo.  England will have to wait.  I need some hot sand between my toes.  And some good antique shops...

Folly Beach, SC

(I just hope they don't have a hurricane!)

Suggestions Wanted!

So...if you have any suggestions for things to see and do around Charleston and along the coast, we'd be thrilled to hear them!

Do you have any favorite antique stores, art galleries or restaurants?  Any favorite inns or B&B's?  What about favorite beaches or little towns we just have to visit?

Do tell!  Send me your list!

xo Terri


  1. Oh, Terri, what a perfect choice for a honeymoon! Charleston is where my husband and I spent our honeymoon 18 years ago (in October, too!). It's a lovely small city and being right on the water is a bonus. Nearly every year we vacation at Edisto Island, which is about an hour's drive south of Charleston. It's an amazing place, small and full of wildlife -- and free of hotels, motels and high-rise condos. We love it there. If you get a chance to drive there for an afternoon, do.

    As far as Charleston goes, it's been a while since we've been back to the city itself. I recall a really great meal at High Cotton (the first and only time I had venison, before I went vegetarian, and it was wonderful). I'm not familiar with what shops and other restaurants are hot there now, but I know you'll find a lot of great antiques stores and places to eat. We've stayed at the B&B at 4 Unity Alley (a very small B&B) and enjoyed it -- good food and service. You'll love Charleston!

    Good luck with all the final wedding details! I'm sure your special day will be just wonderful.

  2. What a great choice!! You are going to love the Charleston architecture - you can spend hours just wandering around in awe. I've never been to Savannah but heard it's wonderful. Sounds like a perfect honeymoon - beach, good food and interesting surroundings!

  3. Oh how Lovely! I've always wanted to go to Charleston so look forward to your posts on it!

  4. Hi Terri - Charleston and Savannah are both high on my list. I've never been, so I'll be anxiously waiting for you to report back :) Lots of great antiques, I hear. xo Loi

  5. Charleston is a wonderful place, full of gracious people and stunning architecture. We were there a few years ago and enjoyed a delicious dinner at Carolina's. Take some tours of houses if you are into that (lol). We also visited Middleton Plantation, which was a glimpse into the past although the house isn't what it used to be. Just wandering the streets of Charleston is lovely.

  6. I've never been to either but I've seen a lot of photos of both recently on Instagram. My accountant retired to Savannah and told me "I think you'd really like it here. There are a lot of eccentrics." I took that as a compliment.

    Sounds like a great time to go too. After all the tourists have left.

    1. Then we would both fit in. Hehe.

  7. Lovely and all my love and happines to you both. Looking forward to photos in summer then.
    Love Katarina in the north

  8. Anonymous10:24 am

    Make sure that you visit the Visitors Center and pick up a tour bus ... best way to see the sights!
    the museum is across the street. Also -- across from the Center is "39 Rue de Jean" on John Street -- a wonderful bistro! Also -- visit The Planters Inn -- its gorgeous restaurant is the Peninsula Grill designed by local Amelia Handegan ... simply amazing! And -- if you go the Peninsula Grill -- be SURE to order the coconut cake!

    In Savannah -- visit The Pink House -- have their she-crab soup --divine!! Eat downstairs at the pub. And do take The Ghose Tour -- lots of fun!

  9. Terri! What fabulous news! Congratulations and all best wishes to you both. And good luck with all the planning, I am sure you will pull it off beautifully. Charleston is one of my favorite places and October is a perfect time to go. You will have great weather. Take care of yourself in the meantime!

  10. Your and David's honeymoon to Charleston sounds wonderful! Yes, a smaller wedding does take in as much planning and choices as a larger one but all your beautifully chosen details are making your wedding a stunning standout!

  11. Terri! That's where my husband is from. What a terrific place to honeymoon. Congratulations again. MMW

  12. We went to Florida this time last year and as thrills and rides aren't on my list of things to do at all we took a two day trip to Savannah just for me. It's just beautiful and I'd love to go back and stay longer. We stayed at The Marshall House Inn and it was lovely. The breakfast area is stunning. If I go back I'd stay there again. Everyone told us we should have gone to Charleston too as it's not far so next time I'd probably go there too. Hope you have a fantastic honeymoon - you've picked a lovely area (and England in October will be gloomy and rainy so you're not missing out there at all!).

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