Saturday, March 01, 2014

Invitation Sneak Peek

I've been working with an artist-calligrapher on the design of our invitations.  This has taken much longer than I thought, and it was considerably harder to coordinate over email than I thought it would be.  It's very hard to convey with words what you want an artist to create!  No matter what you see in your mind, describing it to another person is quite another story.

So I decided to simplify the design and the results are lovely.  Her calligraphy is just beautiful.  The Invitation suite is finished and has been sent to the printer!

Here is our Reception card (I've removed the location name for privacy):

The suite is all black and white, very simple and clean, with a tiny splash of colour on the invitation and RSVP card, and florals in black ink.

I will show you all the elements after the wedding and give the name of my artist-calligrapher.

For the invitation and RSVP card, I've designed a custom postage stamp.  Did you know you can do this?  Well you least in Canada!

I created a custom stamp since none of the current offering of postage stamps is terribly attractive (or the wrong colour).  And this is a much more charming alternative than the Queen, or the flag, stamps (which are ubiquitous but uninspiring staples here in Canada):
This design uses the florals from our Invitation

I'm also considering pink florals for the stamp, for a bit of colour on the envelope:
This photo was taken in Paris, the day we got engaged, so it's rather significant, even if no one knows the story and it isn't the greatest photo!

Roses in our garden last summer

I will decide what works best once I see the entire suite in front of me.

I hope you're having a happy weekend!


  1. I love the idea of a custom postage stamp for your invitations! A few years ago, I gave my mom some custom stamps with a picture of her cat on them. I love the photo of your garden roses.

  2. Beautiful! Great idea to create a stamp, too. Not sure how you will choose…they are all lovely.

  3. I love simplicity! Beautiful - can't wait to see the rest. And I adore your stamp designs. You've thought of it all. Cheers!

  4. The calligraphy is stunning - very special. Love the custom stamp - I'm particle to the black and white for some reason. This is all very exciting!

  5. Hi Terri - Love the idea of a custom stamp! Your choices are all beautiful. Looking forward to finding out which one you chose.


  6. oh terri, simply gorgeous! custom stamps, what could be better? oh, i know, that meaningful stamp from your engagement day, in paris!

  7. I love the stamps. You can customize stamps here in the States. I never thought of it for a wedding but I guess its an obvious choice.

  8. Hi Terri, it's been forever since I've been on your blog. Congratulations on the wedding! The calligraphy is gorgeous. I like the stamp you made as well. If you want some color on the envelope, maybe add a touch of flat color in the black and white stamp you made. I can see hello really popping off in one of the petals.

  9. Terri, your invitations look elegant and charming., I especially like the way the script flourishes extend to the edges of the paper, a lovely idea, unique! The custom stamps are very lovely!

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