Friday, December 06, 2013

~: Christmas Beginnings :~

Every December it takes me a while to get into the Christmas spirit.

I always find myself in a bit of a daze wondering where the year went (and what am I going to get everyone?)

The other day I was out and saw this lovely holly in a shop.  I just adore holly, which doesn't grow here (although I know for some people in warmer climes it's practically a weed overtaking its environs).  It says Christmas to me!

I think it makes a striking addition to my "all white" sideboard display (which looks like it needs some editing right now):

Other than holly and the arrival of the Christmas tree (tomorrow), I slowly get into the spirit of things when my favorite Sirius satellite radio "Pops" channel starts playing "Holiday Pops", a beautifully curated collection of classical and choral Christmas songs.  

There is nothing better than hearing the King's College, Cambridge choir singing 
Once in Royal David's City (my favorite Christmas song).  I get chills up my spine hearing the young boys angelic voice at the beginning:

Happy Christmas does Christmas kick off for you?


  1. Beautiful. I love the little sprig in the bud vase too. Across from my house there's a bunch of holly growing over a dying crab apple tree. I cut a bunch of it yesterday for my house.

  2. Envy!! Holly growing wild in your neighborhood!!!! Xo Terri

  3. The holly on your all white sideboard looks beautiful! Once in Royal David's City is my favourite Christmas song, too (along with Ave Maria and Oh Holy Night), but I don't often hear it.

    I'm having trouble getting into the Christmas spirit (but not into the Christmas spirits). Maybe next week when I head to Vancouver I'll start to feel like it really is Christmas.

  4. Terri the holly is so lovely for the holidays! You really do not see it used that often and I love the dark leaves and bright berries!

    The Arts by Karena

  5. Your holly is beautiful, and so was the choir. I love those boy soprano voices, and the acoustics in that beautiful church are wonderful. Thank you for the chills (good ones) this morning.

  6. Your sideboard vignette is divine! You know how much I love white :)

    We are lucky to have lots of holly trees and red berries to enjoy. They grow very well in DC.

    And, yes, please come visit us in Maine!!! I would love that very much, Terri.

    Happy December!

  7. PattyM11:04 am

    Thank you for sharing that beautiful music. The last chorus is what gives me chills and seems to be one of the few things that can melt this hard hearted Scrooge. Even holly, evergreens and candlelight doesn't do it for me anymore, but music - wonderful.

  8. Hi Terri. We bought our Christmas tree today and tomorrow we will decorate it while listening to favorite Christmas songs on my holiday Pandora channel. We shopped today for some needy families from the angel tree at work. Our family doesn't exchange gifts anymore (which is nice, actually, as it takes a lot of pressure off). We will buy a gift for our great nephew who is almost four, and I will make some gifts from the kitchen for coworkers as I always do. Enjoy the Christmas season,

  9. Holly grows in our yard and I love being able to go out and clip some whenever I like. On the flip side, you have snow, which says Christmas to me, at least until early January. We rarely have snow. Flipping the calendar to December 1 is always a turning point for me. 'Just 25 days left,' I say to myself, 'time to get cracking.'

    The holly in the vase on your white sideboard is really striking. Love it.

    1. Hi Lorrie - yes I would swap locations with you any day of the year except at Christmas. xox

  10. I love holly too! Christmas kicks off in the days after Thanksgiving when we put up the tree. I just got a wreath on the door today and it felt really late.

  11. Your vase of holly looks lovely with your white china nearby. The red berries and glossy dark leaves are a standout! Im slow getting into christmas mode this year but a small tree with vintage 'people' angels, elves and santas is finally up and they are urging me to get with the christmas program. Loved the youtube clip of the Kings Choir, very special and beautiful to listen to, xo

  12. terri i always enjoy your vignette's, so lovely. holly? learning about your climate i understand how special that is. cannot believe i was not keenly aware of this song, am in love!

  13. Just love your whole tablescape and the holly is lovely in the vase!

  14. Love Love the Holly! Your blog is amazing, Merry Christmas
    Love the Moir's xo

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