Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wedding Accents

When meeting with the event stylist who's helping plan our big day, I showed her three particular photos (among others) for inspiration:

#1:  A Neutral Palette
I really want to do a crisp black and white wedding, with accents of champagne and gold and silver metallics
A beautiful wedding featured in Abby Larson's Style Me Pretty Weddings, a gorgeous wedding book!  Thank you for letting me steal your wedding photo (this wedding was so lovely).

I really wasn't sure about an "accent" colour.  Because we're having a small wedding, we are standing up with David's brother and sister-in-law, so my only "attendant" will be my future sister-in-law.  I don't want her dress to stand out in a bright colour, so I suggested something like this antique pink as an accent colour (the three gray pink roses on the diagonal):

#2  Antique Pink as Accent

However my clever stylist recommended "blush" as our accent colour.  I didn't really know what colour "blush" is, but she explained it looks like this sort of pale peachy-pink colour, which is more harmonious with my whites and "champagnes" (the wedding equivalant of very pale taupe).  

Blush as accent instead:

Of course she's right, blush is the perfect pairing with my palette!

But I'm still not sure about blush.  My sister-in-law is pale and brunette but I think the blush will just wash her out.  So we might need a deeper colour.  We're going dress hunting on Saturday, so I'll see how it goes (we might have to change colour schemes on the fly...)

When it came to discussing flowers, I intend to use mainly garden roses (and similar blowsy flowers, say peonies), in loose arrangements.  In fact, this was the flower photo I showed her:

#3 Garden Roses in Loose Large Arrangements:
Also from Abby Larson's book, noted above

No wonder she chose blush!  I see it now in the peach rose, which I hadn't particularly noticed, as I was too busy looking at the arrangement...

Anyway, I've been mulling about this "blush".  It works and is pretty, but somehow it doesn't seem to be a ME kind of colour (you know, I'm more into those grayed out pinks and blues).

But then just the other day I saw this dress online, and it brought me right back to my first accent colour, that dusty antique rose:  

(I think this dress is insanely beautiful and I want to wear it myself)

So now I have a bit of an accent colour dilemma.  Haha.

(And since my stylist just had a baby, I cannot pester her with emails night and day about changing it).

So in the meantime, we'll start looking for a dress for my "maid of honor" (matron sounds so dreary) and hope that whatever dress we choose is available in either this colour, or "blush" if all else fails...

Weddings!  So many decisions, but so hard to find what you're looking for once you (if you) finally make up your mind! 



  1. Terri, This is such an exciting occasion! Do what your heart tells you.If you go with the blush; I would love to see more color saturation in it!

    PS The makeup can make all the difference for a brunette in wearing this color palette!

    Review: "Fifth Avenue Style"

  2. Oh LOVE that last dress too!

  3. I think you're right to consider the skin and hair color of your maid of honor and what she will look good in. She'll appreciate it. Whatever you choose, it will be lovely.

  4. Hi Terri - That is a gorgeous dress--you have great taste. I am pinning these images for future inspiration! Your color choices are beautiful and it is sure to work out just the way you want it to. Looking forward to you next update already...


  5. Weddings are tough for the indecisive. haha. I like both of the accent colors, so I am no help. It all looks really lovely.

  6. I think they're all colors that work well together. Very pretty dress would look beautiful with those rose bouquets. Love where you're going with this.

  7. difficult decisions! all of your choices are lovely and classic terri. good wishes for a magical shopping day

  8. That last dress is divine!!! So elegant!!! Oh, love that painted chair, too :) Happy hunting!!!

  9. Yep. I missed this one, too. That last dress is gorgeous!

  10. Anonymous1:44 am

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    Who knows? I love your blog......I love your dresses! Good luck! I find all these people signing up for my blog....very few comments......who knows??

    I'm just having fun!

    You will be a fabulous bride! And your children and pets will love the pictures! AND SO WILL I!!

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