Saturday, August 31, 2013


I am finally back in a writing mood, so forgive me for spamming you twice in 24h with new blog posts.

Here is a wonderful find I've just acquired, an aristocratic sauceboat from Paris, with my surname initial "P" beautifully monogrammed on it:

I think this will go nicely with my collection of white and gold Haviland china.

In other news, this little clock has also found its way into my life, and it is in working order (although it needs to be wound):

The clock sits on my desk alongside another find, this old pressed glass lamp from the UK that I brought home from my favorite local shop, Rob Kurkut Interiors. The shade sits slightly askew, but it has a lovely rosy glow that I adore:
The bird's eye maple pen was a gift from my uncle who runs a very cool fishing lodge in New Brunswick

I always feel a bit guilty when I buy too many things at once, so I am cut off for a while, although I do need a new fall coat and have to start looking soon...

Hope you are having a sunny end-of-summer weekend.


  1. Hi Terri,

    What a beautiful find, and with your initial to boot...You made me laugh about "cutting yourself off for a while". As much as I try to do the same, it just doesn't work!!!!!Would love to hear if and when you find your new coat, a girl can never have too many.. Blessings to you and yours. Cheri

  2. Wow both items are beautiful. My married name is "P" so the china piece is perfect in my book and that little clock could not be more wonderful. You made my day with these items. Thanks, MB

  3. That is one gorgeous sauceboat! Way to go!

  4. Such pretty things. The clock is very sweet.

  5. The pretty little china piece is my favorite. If it were mine I would leave it out to fawn over for awhile.

  6. Such pretty things. Will you be making a lot of sauce? I think it would be fun to eat cereal out of it. Put your cereal in it and put the cover back on. Pour some milk in a little pitcher and take both to the table on a silver tray. Open the top, pour the milk and pretend you're a princess.

  7. That's a beautiful piece of china. And clearly intended for you with that initial on it. Finding pretty things is so much fun. And sometimes you have to buy them when you see them because it could be a long time before they show up again.

  8. haha yes -i always feel guilty too - but as soon as I spot a new treasure I immediately forget!

  9. Wonderful new additions, Terri! Especially the French saucière!! Is the undertray attached? So lovely to have the original lid with the monogram. And I was wondering about that pen - what a thoughtful gift to the niece that writes beautifully!
    x Loi

  10. Beautiful! And I thoroughly enjoyed yesterdays post. xo

  11. You have such excellent taste. I love all your things. So beautiful.

  12. Helen5:45 pm

    Your little clock is TO DIE FOR! I will forever be searching for one like it.
    I found your blog from your comments on Joni's blog but just today clicked on yours and I'm not sorry I did! You have great style and I've only just begun to read your 'our house' posts. Have a blessed day! Helen

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