Friday, December 21, 2012


It seems that many people post night time Christmas tree photos, but it is nearly impossible to re-create the joyful mood inside your soft, glowing room when you have:

(a) finished all your chores for the day and finally sat your weary bones down
(b) a cat on your lap
 (c) a glass of (much needed) wine
(d) lovely music playing in the background 
(e) no intention of digging out the equipment from that nighttime photography course you bought and never used.

Oh well, here is the glowing living room:
Here's the rug whose colours I adore but want to replace with something neutral (and without a border)

I hope you like it.  It is much better in person (there is a lot of chocolate and baked goods around if I need to bribe you).

I forgot to mention that David and I spent last weekend in Banff and had a splendidly good time.

We stayed here:
Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel (photo by me from across the valley)

We rested and ate and walked and even went to the spa (me...a Christmas gift!).  I had a crushing headache all weekend, so it wasn't nearly as much fun as you might think.  My favorite part was the afternoon nap after a cold walk, and watching "Shawshank Redemption" on TV.  Nothing is better than a spontaneous nap and something good on TV and having nothing that needs doing.

I didn't take many photos this time.  I just felt like being there instead of documenting!

But here is one photo I took that I quite like:
This captures the essence of The Rockies:  cold and stunningly beautiful!

Have a wonderful Christmas weekend.  I am enjoying virtually visiting all your beautifully decorated homes. I wish I could visit you in person!

xo Terri


  1. Now that was a great big "forgot to mention." =D You make me smile, Terri. Sorry that it was marred by the headache...the massage did nothing to ease it? Sigh.

    Your room is lovely, your decorating impeccable.

    Merry Christmas, my friend.

  2. Terri, your living room and Christmas tree are beautiful, and with that vivid description you gave, it's almost like being there. Enjoy your Christmas,

  3. Your living room looks so cozy and pretty! We really need to get to banff. Of course, we'd have to stay at the fairmont. Merry Christmas ☺

  4. What a beautiful and cozy living room you have - the tree fits your decor perfectly.
    How lovely to have a weekend in Banff. I've not stayed at the hotel but we had afternoon tea there a couple of years ago. Such stunning scenery. I'm sorry your headaches chose that time to act up.

    Merry Christmas, Terri.

  5. Looks cozy and wonderful. Hope you have a very Merry Christmas! xoxo Michele

  6. Gorgeous photos, Terri! You have such a gift. Wishing you and David a wonderful and merry Christmas!!

  7. The living room looks mighty beautiful.
    You captured a nice warm glow. Very pretty!

  8. Just to tell how much I enjoy your blog...your Christmas photos are lovely. The wintery scenes of Banff remind me of a very favorite spring visit there when I was in college. I hope that you will be able to have a Happy and Blessed Christmas.

  9. Everything looks beautiful. Banff is on my 'bucket list.' Hope to visit one day. Merry Christmas!

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  11. I wish you a Merry Christmas, dear Terri. I have been very bad posting comments this year but I have been following you and read all about your wonderful trip to Paris.

  12. Gorgeous images T, the living room is looking so pretty and gorgeous!

    I am moving to Sydney in the New Year, really looking forward to warm Christmas's again :) Have a wonderful festive season

    Best wishes

    Endless Inspiration