Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Beginnings

For some reason, it took forever for me to get into the Christmas spirit this year. 

I think my very long run of terrible headaches really took the light out of my heart a bit this year.  But, fear not, the spirit of Christmas is now happily present in our house!

I moved the blue painting back to the dining room!  I have never used blue at Christmas, but this year, I added a few blue accents to tie the painting into the Christmas decor:
  I really like the more vivid blue with the brighter green tree clippings and little boxwood wreath.  I haven't used these white wooden trees in ages, but they seem to work with the new painting...

I also used little bits of blue in the adjacent living room (to make it look like I know what I'm doing).  I have acquired a small but unintentional collection of Christmas trees, as you can see from the photos above and below:
The Christmas tree is probably my favorite Christmas motif.  The old "found" silver tray came from Rob Kurkut's wonderful store, which I featured in previous posts.  The little blue bowl and the crystal clock were gifts from my mother.

Here is the tree, a real Fraser fir with coloured lights! I use our myriad collected ornaments, which together with the coloured lights, makes for a bit of a decorating disaster (considering that I'd rather it be all white and silver):

But the tree always looks wonderful and I love each little thing on it.  I have a secret for making the tree look coherent with all the assorted ornaments - I liberally use all-white garland and tons of white balls, which I add after all the special ornaments are placed.  This gives it an overall "white" look despite the chaos.

I don't really decorate the other rooms for Christmas, but I sometimes put one or two things in the bedrooms.  Here is a little vignette I started on the sideboard and then moved to a dresser upstairs:

 I also love this little Christmas sachet, on a bedside table.  It smells of clove and cinnamon and all things Christmas...!

Hope your home is taking shape for Christmas.  It's only 11 days away!


  1. Your tree is gorgeous - the perfect shape and I love your decorations.

    It's funny, each year I say I'm going to put white lights on the tree for a change of pace (my husband's preference is colored lights), but then when I see how many trees in our neighborhood have white lights, I change my mind and go with the colored lights. And the older the get, the more I love them. They are so festive. When find myself feeling a bit blue at the holidays (and who doesn't from time to time?), the colorful lights on our tree always cheer me up.
    Merry Christmas, Terri.

  2. Your Christmas touches are beautiful and elegant! I could stand to learn a thing or two from your restrained decorating hand-when you walk into my home, Christmas decor practically slaps you in the face =)

  3. The first picture's really pretty. I'm seeing a lot of blue in Christmas decorations this year so you're right on trend. Tres chic.

    I'm still not in the spirit. Other than the perfunctory tree, I've done nothing.

  4. So pretty Terri,
    I love the little pillow and your vignettes. Your tree is so pretty.
    So glad your well enough to decorate.
    Happy Christmas

  5. Hi, Terri -
    What a beautiful tree! I grew up with colored lights, and I would like to go back to them someday. Perhaps next year I'll get a big tree :) and a table top one! I'll have to pull out all my colorful ornaments for the big tree. I love how you used white to unify the decor. Happy Holidays, my friend!
    Warm greetings ~

  6. Hi Terri,

    Your decor is so pretty.. I like the blue and white pieces. I've got them mixed with my holiday greens and I love the look.

    It takes me a while to get in the holiday swing too. I'm sorry to hear about the headaches.. hope you are feeling better now.

    Enjoy the season!

  7. Dear Terri, I wish you a year ahead with fewer headaches and good health, lots of love and laughs, and taking pleasure in the simple things at home - you have made yours so beautiful.

  8. Oh what a great way to bring the tree together. Hmmm...I shall have to remember that another year. I love that you would prefer the white lights, but always allow David the colored ones. Perhaps you really wouldn't have it any other way. Your home is beautiful and you created a relaxed and elegant atmosphere that can not be quibbled with. Did you join Melissa's Home Tour this year? It would seem that your home should be toured!

  9. I'm on the hunt for that Peace Pillow!

  10. God jul! From a reader in Norway.

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