Sunday, December 30, 2012

A (Little) Party!

(A special hello to the lady who spoke to me at the mall yesterday and said she reads my blog.  Hello!!!  I am sorry I did not get your name...I was so surprised you recognized me!  Drop me an email or comment if you have time as I would love to learn more about YOU!)

We hosted a very small dinner party tonight.  As we were setting up for dinner, I snapped a few photos.

I love these (inexpensive) Alstroemeria (Peruvian lily) that I picked up at the grocery store. There seems to be shockingly little flower selection post-Christmas (and what was left was mostly red).  

These often overlooked flowers are so pretty in their soft pink and green and work with the Christmas decor, which is still in place:

The small soup plate beside the flowers belonged to my great grandmother, Mary Ann.  She died before I was born, but had some lovely old china that my grandmother used when I was a child (and which went into the back of the cupboard as I got older).  I wish I could have met her, as she seemed to have a taste for pretty things and was also quite a character (or so I am told). 

You can see the Christmas tree in the background:

I set the table very plainly, using a set of very soft white linen napkins I bought at the Georgetown flea market two years ago:

While taking photos, I thought I would show you a little keepsake (from Scotland) that my sister-in-law included with my Christmas gift.  These little pieces of embroidered cloth were included in tobacco pouches many, many years ago.  I don't know much about their provenance, but must learn more.
I am planning to frame this in a small, pretty frame with a linen mat.  I also just noticed I put the flowers back in the sleeve upside down!  Oops.

And last but not least, here is my constant companion (who is always either underfoot or never more than a few feet away):

I hope you are enjoying your holiday.  I started a list of new year's resolutions but after twenty items, I gave up.  After all the parties and dinners this month, I think my #1 resolution is to eat only vegetables for the next month.  And with my chronic headaches, my #2 resolution is to try a few new ideas for headache relief (although this disease does not seem to be within my control).  

In other words, good health is on the agenda!

Happy New Year!


  1. Happy New Year and may 2013 bring an end to your headaches! I'm always so shocked when I get recognized too -haha.

  2. The table setting is lovely. I hope you find the remedy you need and have a very happy new year!

  3. Beautiful fun that you have retrieved them to use again. Good taste runs in the family. I had never heard about the embroidered cloths in tobacco pouches. How interesting. I'm always learning something new.

    Nothing like a week or two of celebrating and indulgences to remind us to get back to better habits. All the best as you look for headache remedies. I keep saying that this is the 21st Century and something must be available. Let's have faith and believe that you'll be led to a good answer.

    Happy New Year to you and David and even your faithful companion there. I know about the "underfoot" part quite well. ☺

  4. That's exactly why I don't want photos of me on my blog. My house is a celecrity but at least I haven't become one yet. I prefer my anonymity.

    Very pretty table. I'll bet you could serve mediocre food and it would taste better.

    How did you take Biscuit photos without getting your feet in them?

    Happy to Year to my favorite Canadian!

  5. Happy New Year!! Love the table setting and that gorgeous embroidered cloth. We're going to Scotland in March and I'll keep my eye out for those (my family knows we have to pop into at least one antique/thrift store.)

    Tomorrow is my blog 5 year anniversary - thinking about that today reminded me of when you came to my house for the party. So glad to have met you in person! All the best for a healthy new year for you.

  6. Happy New Year, Terri. I love your simple, soft table setting.
    We went to Butchart Gardens on Christmas Day and later on my blog I found a comment saying that a reader had seen me there and even chatted with us. I so wish she had introduced herself then.

    I hope 2013 brings some relief from your headaches.

  7. They 'embroidered' ribbons were common all over the UK and there were different types to collect. I have a few in frames. They are so pretty but I m sure they were to encourage the female population to smoke

  8. Happy New Year Terri! I hope you have a very blessed 2013 and no more headaches! God bless.

  9. Terri,
    Those flowers are so pretty!
    Best wishes to you for a healthy, happy New Year!

  10. Hello Terri,

    My china is very similar to yours, but with a large band of burnished gold around the edges. I lugged the set home from Okinawa when I was working for "Flying Tigers" after my ten years with TWA. It was a common sight then, to see fellow flight attendants with bundles of packages after layovers abroad. Those were the days of fabulous deals. Anyway, your table looks lovely, so soft and serene and I hope the new year brings the same to you and your health. Blessings to you and David and that lovely biscuit. Cheri

  11. Happy New Year, Terri, David and Biscuit

    Alstroemeria is my favorite flower for living a long long time, looking so good and I can purchase a vase full without braking the bank account.

    Hope your feeling so much better in 2013!

    x Carol Anne x

  12. Such a beautiful flower! Your table is lovely and the china is gorgeous.

    Love the picture of the kitty too;)

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  14. Blessings to you...I am reading backward, so I have already read the post about your headaches. I have put you (by blog name only) on our international prayer list. I don't often do this, but since this disease is out of control, I felt the need!!
    There is a Texas black and white kitty who is rarely more than a few inches away from me!! I think they must be related :^) My sweet husband always says she is "helping" me......ummmm right.......
    I am praying that the Fla. Dr. can help you and solve at least some of the problems.
    Thank you for the time/talent that you spend to post such lovely things. You are a very special lady!