Thursday, August 16, 2012

To Paris

We're going to Paris!

 Our last trip was almost four years ago, so we're long overdue. 

I thought I'd share some photos of our last Europe trip when we visited Paris for a couple of days...
The Eiffel Tower from the Arc du Triomphe (photoshopped...!): 

The Eiffel Tower (decorated in blue and yellow for an EU commemoration):

A popular view of Sacre-Coeur from inside the Musee d'Orsay:

A view of Notre-Dame cathedral from the Seine:

A less common view of the Eiffel Tower, from Napoleon's Tomb:

Lovely old Parisian buildings...

The view from our apartment overlooking the glorious Pere Lachaise Cemetery (I am a big fan of Paris cemeteries):

Me atop the Eiffel Tower:

David & Me near the Ile St-Louis:

Do you have any favorite Paris sights you think I would enjoy?!  Please share!

xo Terri


  1. No, my dear, I know nothing of Paris beyond my plaster of Paris project of the Sacre Couer for my French teacher. That's not much to work with is it?

    I remember your taking the trip. I remember some of these photos so well. You look very, very happy in Paris.

  2. i've never been terri. do you think i can fit in one of your suitcases?

    i plan to correct this situation one day soon. xo

  3. Ooh Terri you are going to have such a great trip! We visited l'orangerie during our last trip there a few years back and it was incredible. Your photos are absolutely stunning, can't wait to see what you snap on this trip.

    Avoir un bon voyage mon ami!!

  4. oh, so beautiful! We haven't been, but are planning a European adventure with our girls in 5ish years (when they're old enough to remember/appreciate it). Paris most certainly will be on the list. Just yesterday, we were driving down the Deerfoot, and Madelyn, my 4 year old, saw a large tower structure. She said "Mommy, we're in Paris. Look, it's the Eiffel tower!" hahah, it did sort of look like it. She's a little Parisian at heart =)

  5. so jealous! hope you have a fabulous time :-) Make sure to visit Versailles (and go on a WEEKDAY not a weekend!)

  6. I couldn't be more envious! I visited Paris in May of 2008 (the year of my 40th birthday). I fell in love with the city and would very much like to go back. The Musee Rodin was my favorite museum, followed by the Musee D'Orsay, but you've been there already. We were only in Paris three and a half days (we spent a couple of days in Strasbourg too) so there are a lot of Parisian sights left for me to see. Have a wonderful time.

  7. We're there for one more day! A full 3 week stay. We did a house exchange with a wonderful French family.

  8. First, your photos are AMAZING. I'm really impressed with the night ones. I've never been able to do that well.

    Totally jealous! It's been so many years so I've been, I barely remember anything specifically although Versaille was unbelievable. I also spent a few weeks in a Normandie farmhouse that was really memorable. Going to farms for milk and vegetable, cooking all day and eating by candle light.

    Have a great time and take lots of pics!

  9. Wonderful photos and what an exciting trip it sounds like have planned! We JUST got back and I've been trying to post some pictures.

    Can't wait to go back!


  10. Take me along, pretty please! Of course I love the flea markets at Clignancourt. Also, I love visiting my favorite book store: La Maison Rustique in St Germain (Rue Jacob). Have you been? They sell only books related to decorating, cooking, gardening and country life. Divine! Also, I like to stop by Flamant right in that area.

  11. What fun you'll have anticipating your trip! I love Paris - it's been three years since I've been there and I wish I could go every year.

    I just love walking the streets of Paris. The architecture is amazing, and there's always something new to discover. Looking forward to hearing about your trip!

  12. My favorites are the Musée Rodin (the house is as beautiful as the sculpture) and the Musée de l'Orangerie (the Nymphéas series never ceases to take my breath away.) Have a wonderful time! Phyllis

  13. I fell in love with Paris many years ago when my husband surprised me with a trip. The city was magical and when we went we never got to see the Louve because the workers were on strike but every morning we walked the champ elise (not sure of the spelling) all the way to the Louve and a few times we ate at a lovely cafe Marley. I remember that the city smelled like Roses, we went in end of april or beginning of May. My favorite spot was the bridge over the Seine river with the the golden winged horses. I have a photo beneath it. It was absolutely spectacular. Enjoy your trip sweetie. You deserve it.

  14. Anonymous9:59 am

    Hi Terri, My husband & I have been to Paris twice and think one of the best things to do is to walk along the River Seine, across the bridges, love the parks (Jardin des Tuileries
    is a favourite). Stop off at any of the great outdoor cafes and people watch over a glass of wine or cafe to soak-in the ambiance. Don't forget to include some shopping.. NB

  15. Excellent Parisian pictures. The French capital has a lot of old buildings and cathedrals to visit. Its a pleasure and honor to visit the city.