Thursday, August 30, 2012

An Update

Hello All, 

Sorry I have not been posting much.

  I have had some rather challenging health issues recently (a very long run of severe migraines and back/neck pain) and had to take a (too short) three weeks off work.  I am feeling a tiny bit better today and decided to post some photos of Biscuit (I am not doing much decorating these days).

He loves to nap on the new linen sofa, but isn't allowed on it.  I was reading and had to get up for the phone and when I came back a while later, he had moved in:

This is by far his favorite spot in the house, even though he has a whole chair of his own and a kitty bed in the living room.

He was sound asleep, as though he had had a very challenging day:

When he finally woke up, he was NOT IMPRESSED!  He gave me his grouchy (feisty!) face and shortly after left the room...

Hope you are all having a lovely long summer...

xo T.


  1. as the human my felines have chosen to accept into their lives, I concur with all you've said..
    mine choose to sleep wherever,whenever..and when least unexpected, will dash onto the back of my chair to nuzzle my neck..
    Your Biscuit id beautiful!!
    hope the headaches cease and desist immediately!
    hugs..and smiles too..

  2. I'm sorry you've hit a rough patch Terri but it looks like you've had a cozy place to rest and relax!!

    When is the Paris trip?


  3. I hope you feel better soon! I love ginger kitties =)

  4. cute grouchy face. hope your headaches are on the wane, terri. I know how you suffer so. thinking of you and glad to see you back with us...donna

  5. You kitten is so cute especially when he is doing something bad. Sorry about the migraines, years ago my mom had headaches everyday she finally found out it was from a herniated disc in her neck.

  6. Biscuit has good taste! Got it from his mama!! I hope you feel better soon. Just think about Paris and all that good food, shopping and fabulous-ness ;-)

    Please plan a trip to DC....I'll throw you a party! I mean it!!

  7. He's so lovely. Oh dear, I hope you feel better. Thinking of you.

  8. So sorry you're not feeling well!! That is one annoyed looking kitty. Hehe

  9. oh so sorry to hear about your migraines. that is just wrong!
    but your kitty cat is beyond adorable! xo

  10. Migraines are the worst.. Hopefully you will be back up and running soon. Your kitty is just darling. The fact that she's not allowed.. makes it all the more inviting :)

  11. You're excused under the circumstances. I wish you could find something that provides some relief.

    Great Biscuit photos. I'd love to be able to sleep as soundly as a cat. They always look like such angels when they're sleeping.

  12. I sooooo feel your pain. This whole summer has been difficult. Glad to hear you are sort of up and around again. Take care migraine sister:)

  13. That is the cutest face ever! He's so expressive. I think he loves that blankie.

    I thought you were off to Paris and that's why it was so quiet and am so sorry that the headaches have reared up this way again. Gosh, it's the 21st Century and one would think that more could be done.

  14. oh my! i hope you are feeling better soon. I know you must be miserable. things will get better.

  15. That photo of your cat looking offended is just too much ! Hope you'll be feeling better and have a nice week-end !

  16. Hi Terri,
    I am so sorry you have been unwell and I sympathize with you very much. These things are totally debilitating. I wish you better weeks ahead!!

  17. Hope that you're feeling much better! xo

  18. Biscuit is a beautiful cat! I love the pink pads on his feet.

    I'm sorry to hear you've not been well, and I hope you'll be feeling much better soon. In a previous comment I asked if you've talked to your physician about Botox for migraines. Might be of some relief. I've only had two migraine-like headaches in my life, they were awful.

  19. Sorry to hear that you're not feeling well these days Terri. Hope you feel much better very soon. Rest up for Paris!! Cuddling with a cat is the best medicine :-)

  20. Hope you are feeling better. Biscuit is such a lovely cat.

  21. Anonymous10:29 am

    Hi Terri, Sorry to hear you are having a bad spell of health issues and hope you are on the rebound. Your Biscuit is too adorable and I am sure a great comfort to you.
    Be well, NB in Ontario

  22. So sorry you are not feeling well.....that cute little Biscuit should snuggle up and love on you.....

  23. Too funny- the expression is priceless. Check out this you tube of annoyed cat:

  24. That is one gorgeous cat - I have a fondness for marmalade color (or ginger color)cats. My favorite as a child was Paddington and Petunia - a brother and sister that we adopted, and they were both a lovely ginger color.

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