Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summer Bed

In summer, we often sleep in the downstairs bedroom, as it's much cooler.

The room has great soft light and is very small and cosy. It has a great wall of bookshelves, as reflected in the mirror.  It is decorated primarily in white and blue (the walls are painted in Skylight by Farrow & Ball).

I like to put a thin quilt on the bed in summer.  It doesn't match the room (ivory-cream) but it is so old and soft that we like it very much.  Sometimes an imperfect thing is better than a perfect-looking thing.

Biscuit likes to sleep on the bed:
I am showing this photo in particular because of the knitted peach afghan (blanket) that my late Grandmother (Dad's Mum) made for me when I was in university.

She was quite a prolific knitter, but with 12 children and 23 grand-children, I was not first in line for a time-consuming blanket.  We were lucky to get socks and mitts when we were kids.  But in high school, I requested a knitted blanket and a couple of years later, I received this lovely double/queen-sized blanket for Christmas.  The colour was her choice (I think I was hoping for blue at the time).
I really love the colour now, as it adds a much-needed dose of comfy-cheeriness in my otherwise quite neutral home.    

She was a wonderful, kind lady who always sat down for tea when you came to visit and never seemed in a hurry.  I have so many fond memories of her and they often come to mind when I see this blanket.  What a gift!

Happy summer.


  1. I think we all have a comfy "something" which reminds us of another fond time..
    yours happens to be such a beautiful soft cozy blankie!
    thanks for sharing these sweet memories..

  2. The handmade things that took time and thought and were given with love are the most meaningful. What a treasure you have. Lovely story.

  3. Biscuit and I both love grandmother's afghan most! I think that is why I love neutral rooms: you can accessories with all colors, including peach. As the youngest of 12, I totally relate to all you've said. Take good care of that blanket. Thanks for sharing this post with us, Terri.
    Cheers from DC,

  4. And it certainly complements the color of the summer room. I always like the idea of a summer bedroom having had a summer cottage cleaning business for a few years; I enjoyed those summer rooms tucked low and overlooking the water. They were far preferable to the attic ones that's for sure.

    Something like this blanket gives you such a sweet way to remember your grandmother. I suppose I have mittens that mine made for me, but nothing like this. The quilt my mother made is treasured very highly, of course. I must remember this now that I am growing older so quickly. ☺

  5. And your kitty loves it too! Matches with the kitty. Too sweet. Love the color.

  6. A handmade gift is the most wonderful gift of all! I treasure the ones given to me =)

  7. A lovely gift. We have a crocheted quilt from aunt Martha in university and black, but we use it every winter even if it doesn't match the " decor".

  8. terri, I remember when you were putting this room together. I know it's made so much more cozy with your grandmothers afghan. donna

  9. With your permission, may I sketch your Biscuit and I do love the color of that blanket although I know deep down that any color my Grandmother would have chosen would be fine by me. Love the image~

  10. Anonymous2:31 pm

    Wonderful pictures and story! Treasure the sweet memories and hope you are enjoy the Stampede!

    NB, (in hot & humid SW Ontario)

  11. Hi NB...

    Yes, we got down to the Stampede one evening. It has been awfully hot here too but not as humid as where you are. :)

    xo Terri

  12. Anonymous6:57 pm

    Hi Terri, So miss those mini-doughnuts and sad to hear about the horses at the chucks the other night. Beautiful lavender festival in Niagara-on-the-Lake this weekend (if you haven't been you must come one day).. NB

  13. Hi NB, I love Niagara-on-the-Lake. I would love a lavender festival! You must email so I can email you back. Yes, very sad about the horses. I felt sick about it.

    xo Terri

  14. The afghan looks really cozy - what a treasure!

  15. Oh Terri your blanket looks so very cosy and cuddly. Bobbi would adore it!

    My bedroom is painted in Pavillion Grey by Farrow & Ball - a restful soft grey. I love the colour you have chosen for your's and the peachiness of the blanket is a pretty accent colour.


  16. I remember first reading about your seasonal bedroom, and thinking it was charming! We now have a basement guest bedroom that stays a constant temperature all year round as it is subterranean - maybe on a hot night I will try sleeping there.

    Your bookshelf is looking great! It takes courage to hang a picture on the front of the bookcase - but it always makes a bookcase look so chic.

    Have a great weekend!